Three months in on this new journey, three weeks in on NHS weight loss & 1lb away from being in that hallowed, healthy range!!!

Chuffed to buggery!! πŸ‘€

Stepped up to the scales very nervously this morning having had more than one emotional blow out within last few days. Had attempted to counteact with exercise so at best hoped to have equalised and not gained...

So to be 10st 11lb is almost worth waking up my house for!!

Roll on summer holidaaaaays!!!

I was away this weekend (family things) and saw some photographs from the last 18months. I have studiously avoided the camera lens so was morbidly fascinated to see how I looked in these cheeky little shots that my father had managed to take.

They were suitably awful. Glad I saw them. My head has been so so wedged in the sand it beggars belief; my daughter admitted she had started to worry but didn't know how to say anything...

So there it is.

1lb away from first major target.

At that point I will have lost 2 stone (approx. as I don't know my original start weight having been too ashamed to weigh myself for the first month) and will think towards next goal of 10st 4lbs.


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18 Replies

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  • Super major congratulations. Am so.o pleased for you. 🎢

  • Gonti

    Thank you πŸ˜„

    Now, to celebrate with 🌽 or 🍰 !!

  • πŸŠπŸš²πŸš΅πŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸƒπŸΌ

  • Haha!!

    Yes indeed πŸ˜€

  • congratulations! photos are scary, I hide from them too lol. 2st is fantastic, you must feel amazing x

  • Thank you Fussy Bird

    I am immensely pleased and now that I am moving away, psychologically as well as physically, from all the trappings that came with the heart burn and blood pressure, I am glad that there are a couple of photographs that I can use as a stab in the toe when I am over tired, over emotional and mindlessly heading for the kitchen xx

  • Its a psychological battle for sure, one day at a time seems to work. I lost 1lb last week, by Friday. When we went out for a family celebration on Saturday I was pleased to be able to control myself, no bread at the restaurant, passed on the comp fish cakes, left the rice, but thoroughly enjoyed my starter and main, savoured every mouthful. Usually I'd think "blow it" and have whatever I wanted, but have recognised that I will be able to do that occasionally when I'm happy with my weight, no yet. add to that a BBQ yesterday, another 600 cals over, same as Saturday, but have maintained that 1lb loss.

    Here's to week 3, bring it on xx

  • Congratulations! I can't even let myself imagine those scales saying 10something, it feels too magical and slightly impossible, yet today's weigh in said 11st6 which is def closer to the 10s than the 12s. I'm so pleased for you, and also incentivised to get there too! Whatever you're doing, you're def getting it right...

  • Ruth, it actually is not very long ago my scales were saying 11:6 so you are totally on it!!

    It is so empowering to refuse to become middle aged and flabby (speaking personally) xx

  • Refusing to become sluggish, out of breath and unfit, the way I was heading before February this year. I'm a bit nervous about my new 11st6 weight, feel like I should guard it somehow, like I don't quite deserve to have it. Planning to be ultra careful this week, despite my birthday coming up! Need to make sure I don't start creeping back towards 12 again...

  • Well done you. Its people like you that motivate people like me to keep going. You are in the weight range that I should be in and can't wait until I can post a message like yours. Do I feel jealous that you are there and I am not. No way because I know what you have been through to get there and I am sure you totally deserve it.

  • Dear SJ

    just to balance it out a little, I have come to bed early because I am so cross with myself for hitting the carbs a la fiendish frenzy style ...

    Tomorrow is another day and I have just pre-booked a couple of workout sessions for tomorrow evening...

    This is such a see-saw ride.

    Where are you on your journey? xx

  • That's really fantastic. Bet you're grinning from ear to ear! I can't wait until I can say the same thing - a long way to go but the stories from you and the others here are truly inspirational. ☺️

  • Thank you Cass, today has ended up a write off following fish cakes at the pub for lunch followed by chips and bread...

    Hey ho

    Oh, some Eton Mess too!

    Name it and shame it

  • Well the berries in the pud were healthy! Anyway I'm a firm believer in having some treats.

  • 😊 ditto x

  • Go for a run in the morning, it'll all come out in the wash. Everyone deserves to let their hair down once in a while - as long as you get back on it the next day!

  • Have booked boot camp followed by Pilates after work πŸ‘

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