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Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself and wondered if anyone has some good advice? I have just joined and just downloaded the MyFitnessPal app which I was quite impressed with.

I'm 24 and I work in Engineering and so am quite active throughout the day.

I was diagnosed with OCD in March and since have put on a bit of weight as I have been so focussed on tackling that, I took my eye off what I was eating. I have never been above 10 1/2 stone but now I am classed as Overweight for my height as I weigh 10st 13. Next year I will be getting married and desire to get back down to 10st. I confess I am a chocoholic, but since my 24th birthday I think my body has hit the slowing down phase and my metabolism has plateaued.

I know everyone on here has different goals and targets and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you all that the important it is to me to see people helping each other on this site. The thing is that you are doing something about it, and together we can work hard to reach our goals.

I wish you all the best! xx


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  • Hi Siani25, you've come to the right place, so many tips, good advice and good old support here.

    myfitnesspal is brilliant for logging all foods and exercise.

    My tip, as I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks, is to weigh everything. I thought this was a bit too fussy, but its worked as I'm 5lbs lighter now.

    You're right, we're all doing something about our health and weight, so all like minded.

    Good luck x

  • Welcome aboard, I'm new too, I'm a health walk group leader looking for feed back about what people want in their community

  • Welcome,

    I wish you every success and I find that times that are stressful or hurried are a moment when I wont be mindful of picking up a sweet as a comfort I guess.You are obviously busy with the work you do and a wedding to plan etc,but I find just logging in here and reading a few peoples ideas is a good way to take a little time out and be distracted from maybe having a snack I do not need and i have increased my intake of water and a little exercise. Good Luck

  • Welcome, and good luck.

  • As a chocoholic I would advise you to give up chocolate for a month and tell yourself that once the month is over you can have as much chocolate as you like. I gave it up for lent and now find that I am not really fussed about it anymore; it definitely kicked my sugar cravings.

    Best of luck

  • Or if you cant give up chocolate try only having really dark chocolate, like 85%. That works for me, as you end up having much less. 24 is no age to think about your metabolism plateauing (I'm 35, nearly 36, and managing to lose weight okay!). You have every reason to be able to lose those few pounds easily, its just about focussing on manageable goals and informing yourself about healthy eating. Do you also do any exercise? It might help you to stay focussed to introduce an exercise routine. I recommend the couch to 5k scheme, it's got me running and helps me stay focussed on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hope that helps and lots of luck!

  • Hi Ruth, I cycle for at least an hour on the weekends. When my job relocates I'll be cycling to work almost every day. I am giving up chocolate for at least a month! xx

  • I also cycle, and this is a great time of year for it. I used to commute daily by bike but kind of lost the habit. It's def a good move if you can start cycling everyday :)

  • Sian, you have done well to notice the weight gain so soon, here is a tip I've often given.

    Search [effects of sugar] .

  • Thanks everyone for your replies and advise! xxx

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