Bake off

Well for the second week running I've made a cake, which is ridiculous really because for years I haven't made a single cake apart from one's I've made with my class, and now when I am truly trying to lose weight I turn into a bake off contestant! Last weeks was for my mum's birthday and today's was actually for a bake off competition! My cake looked pretty fab, but nobody's rushed to tell me that I've won! Then I went to help on the stalls at the fete and guess what my first stint was in the beer and Pimms tent and then I moved onto the icing the biscuits stall. I am pleased to tell you that I didn 't have a drink, nor did I have a biscuit not even when the leg broke off a horse shaped biscuit and the wing off a butterfly, before I would have stuffed them in my mouth without thinking about it!I've made it home past the candy floss stall, the cream teas, the cake stall and the ice cream van and I've managed not to bust my calorie limit for the day. I am feeling pretty smug!


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11 Replies

  • Amazing. I've been stopping myself licking spoons etc while cooking, all those little unthinking mouthfuls that we have to avoid now! Bet your cake was delicious for whoever did eventually eat it :)

  • I bow down to you!

  • Toot-toot! Well done you. How about pictures of these masterpieces of baking? :D

  • If I knew how to do that I would! Im fne on the laptop but rubbish on my tablet! By the way is there a way to stop my tablet doing predictive texting? I hate some of the weird words it comes up with, especially when I don't notice them and they make sentences completely unintelligible!

  • With all that cultural acceptance of refined flour and sugar, which not only provide 'empty calories' i.e. no goodness, but also foul-up metabolic signalling mechanisms, what can be done to safeguard people's health?

    It's no good keep reiterating 'you can have a bit of what you fancy in moderation' when we've lost all concept of what moderation is. A couple of portions of fruit per day is a moderate amount of sugar for instance.

  • Well done - that is some serious willpower!

  • Strangely enough since realising that I need to lose weight I have had this weird craving to bake cakes!! I have resisted so far but it's the strangest thing.... well done you for resisting the leg and the wing! Not sure I could have done that!

  • Thank you.

  • I'm in awe of your will power Linggirl. Cake is my downfall.

    I have somagave syrup and some ground almonds and was going to make some ' healthy ' cake - stopped myself just in time as I know I would have eaten the whole lot - not so healthy cake!

  • I find that the freezer is my best friend

    The only cake that I make fairly regularly is swiss roll

    I cut it into thin slices and freeze each slice individually, then if I'm.really, really desperate for some cake or I have a visitor I can defrost a slice

    Having to take something out of the freezer makes it more of a conscious decision and sometimes I just can't be bothered. Thus saving me a few calories!

  • Ooh good idea - I'll give it a go.

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