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Feeling proud :-)

Started healthier living 6 weeks ago doing it on my own - little exercise due to problems I have which seem to be getting easier now that the weight is being lost.

shocking weigh in 6weeks ago at 14stone 13lb..... Eeeeekkkk so knuckled down and weigh in yesterday was 13stone 8lbs ideal weigh is 11stone 7lbs - so 2 stone to go and would be thrilled with a loss of 2lb a week from here on - got the good stuff in the cupboards and quorn mince and chicken for the hot meals so FINGERS CROSSED!!

Good luck to everyone and don't feel down remember that it doesn't happen overnight if you want real results change your habits xx

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That's great progress Vicci. I've only just started but would love to get as good a result as you. I started the c25k running again but have put this on hold until I've lost a bit more weight. The foot pain after the runs is just not worth it at the moment so I'm swimming and cycling instead!


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Thanks Cass :-)

I've just stuck to 1400 calories a day and counted everything. I can't run or cycle (due to hip problems) but I don't have as much pain now with the weight loss. I have joined my local tennis club early days yet but enjoying it. When I've lost the next 2 stone I hope to start jogging and cycling to help keep my weight at a steady figure!! Good luck to you and stay focussed - don't dwell on if you haven't done so well just remember your goal :-)


Well done, that is brilliant.

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Lost another 3lb this week - not much exercise done just watching what I eat, when I eat, and the fluids I'm consuming!!

But extremely happy - to everyone who's trying out there, keep at it - I'm still trying very hard to kick the old habits but slowly I am :-) :-)


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