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third week

I stayed the same this week. Im totally gutted. I was doing well then last night i ate like everything i could find in the house. I knew i should not have bought bars in bulk. I was trying to save money but in the end i just ate them all in one go so didnt really save anything and now i put back on the pound i thought i lost this week. I can just hope that the weight of the stuff is still inside me and that over the week it will come off again. I always struggle towards the end of the week. I dont know why...maybe because i know the weekend is coming up or because the week has tired me out. :( feeling pretty down about it.

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Do you know why you stuffed yourself? Learn from the experience. We have all been there! Just remember it's not just about losing weight but healthy eating. I am thinking about the health benefits of food nowadays rather than just calories. If I fill my face with chocolate, cakes, sweets, etc. I just know I'm putting rubbish in my system. It's going to take time and effort to get off the excess weight and it isn't easy. Putting weight on is! Keep in touch! :)


Sometimes when you overeat, especially if there is a high salt content, you retain water and therefore put on weight, once you go back to a healthy diet, you stop retaining the water and the weight quickly vanishes. Weigh again in a couple of days and I'm sure you will have lost.


I put a lot of things in the freezer for that reason. The delay of waiting for a slice of low cal cake/frozen solid cereal bar to defrost can sometimes be long enough to overcome the craving. In the meantime you've only taken one out to defrost and still get a treat after an hour's wait. It's not failsafe but I find it helps a bit. It is difficult planning ahead while also keeping temptations out of reach... And as said above, we all do it. It's good to see how we begin to do it less frequently though, address our attitudes to it, and try to prevent future lapses each time. I find its become a rarer occurrence now, and I can often identify the trigger now due to greater awareness.

Hope the 2lb is temporary and vanishes again as quickly as it came. Look after yourself this week and watch out for that tiredness. All best :)


Thanks for all your comments. I guess it started when i bought the bars and after work they were in my bag and i was so tired from work i ate them before my tea and i thought well i wont have any tea then. But when i got back i was still hungry and i just ate everything. I find just after work the really hard bit. I walk past a tesco too so its easy for me to dive in and buy something i shouldnt really have. It always seems to be after about four days of eating properly i start to crave just anything and everything. Maybe it is my stomach shrinking i dont know. I try to eat healthy things like seed bars and fruit on a regular basis to keep my blood sugar at a constant level while i work as it is very physical. I guess just having those bars in my bag was too much temptation. I know now never to buy in bulk! Maybe i should allow an extra treat midweek, like an extra bar or something.


what about finding some sugar free snacks? Like biscuits which use sweetener rather than sugar. Fruit and seed bars are full of sugar so not ideal snacks really. I have sugar free biscuits as a treat and I often snack on a boiled egg or have a glass of milk.


I had a similar experience in my 3rd week,I mentioned it on here and it was for me just reaching out for something sweet without taking time to prepare a healthy meal,I managed to get back on track and use the distraction method,I do something else and put off reaching for the easier softer way,the crisps or chocolate and I find the craving does drift away


I have the same kind of slip ups. The other week I was in bed and just realised I wanted junk food. I ended up eating half a block of chocolate, had two ginger beers and crackers and dip all at about 11pm at night. The worse thing about it was the next morning I woke up and just felt so sick and guilty with myself. I have come to learn that the best thing to do is acknowledge that yeah you made a mistake but its not the end of the world, just back to those good habits.

It can be hard because you have one slip up like takeaway for lunch or chocolate and then I just decide the day is a waste and I will just binge or continue eating junk. It is nice to realise that you can go back to being healthy that day and waiting to start over tomorrow is not the right thing to do.


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