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Back on track

Progress so far:-

week 1 start 87kg and 95cm waist

week 2 start 84.2kg and 88cm waist

week 3 start 82.7kg and 85cm waist

week 4 start 81.3kg and 83cm waist

week 5 start 81.0kg and 83cm waist

week 6 start 80.0kg and 82cm waist

Well it was hard and with a difficult weekend that did involve curry and chips and a burger and beer at the rugby club I planned ahead and did it! Only went a little over my cals with quite a lot of thought and prep it is possible - the scales are the proof!

Gave me the boost to continue being positive and see how I CAN change for life and still have a life! Now to get under the 80kg mark! I was 75kg before I had my son and that would be a great achievment for an almost 40 year old!

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That's great! You must be able to really see the difference now. I'm also closer to 40 than 30 - there's no need to feel like we're beyond help! A great age to be. Lots of luck for getting to that 75kg goal :)

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Thanks x Can see the differance and loving that others can to yay!!!!!


Well done. I think planning really is the key. As for being nearly 40, well I'm going to be 51 this year and I've decided it is never to late to lose weight (I hope that is true).


I've found it's never to late to lose weight, I'm 62 and nearly 2 years ago I weighed 22st 10lbs and decided I need to get my life back. I now weigh 15st 7lbs and even though I want to lose more I feel SO GOOD and that I can do anything I want to do!


It certainly is never too late to make the effort to lose weight. I'm almost 79, and if I can do it anyone can. It's taken me 12 weeks to lose a stone, but I'm keeping at it. You have done extremely well. Keep up the good work.


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