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After the storm

How wonderful last nights 'wee storm', it brought with it a cooler temperature and I am back to being myself again. This morning I breakfasted on scrambled eggs and mushrooms with a slice of seeded toast.

I adore mushrooms and have them with many things, often making them centre stage of a dish such as mushroom stroganoff. For breakfast I have 200g and slow saute them in 1tsp of rapeseed oil, until well done. I can't abide greasy, slimy mushrooms, and neither can my family. Trying to convince most that a huge skillet full of the little beauties cooks so wonderfully in such a tiny amount of fat though can be tough. Always make sure the pan you use can accommodate the mushies in a single layer, or they will sweat cook rather than be golden yumminess. I also prefer the chestnut mushrooms as they are firmer, less watery when cooking.

What are your favourite veggies? How do you cook them? 😍

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Also love mushrooms, as you say cooked in little oil so they go crisp on each side rather than just steam in their own juices. I'm really exploring peppery salad leaves at the moment, which can often be used in cooking just as much as raw in salads, just throw them on at the end. A shop near me is selling landcress, which is like watercress but more leaf and less stems. It's really flavoursome, stores for several days in the fridge and has a good crunch. I also get rocket and baby spinach, to have variation. I also like baking things whole, like sweet potatoes, aubergines, peppers, cherry tomatoes. No need for any oil and the flavour sort of condenses and intensifies.


Lettuce ( or mixed salad leaf) soup is quite delicious. I eat it hot, though a summer soup and meant to be cold - can't do eating cold soup, just doesn't gel with my brain, lol. I also use rocket, spinach and many other salad leaf in with stirfrys. My daughter is the only one who likes watercress though. John West do sachets of mackerel with Lime, and tossed into a mixed leaf salad ( watercress, baby spinach leaf and rocket), with a few shavings of parmesan on is one of her favourite meals ( less than 200kcals too). She has this when her craving for something sweet is strong, as she then treats herself to a mini choc muffin, kitkat, or something similar and still comes in at 300kcals for her meal.

Will say, neither my 18yr old daughter or both 24 yr old boys need to calorie count. They do know the nutrition of food and roughly know what is in most foods, I taught them well, lol. It is only myself that didn't practice what she preached.



Not sure I can hack lettuce soup, but I have been known to bulk out pesto with blended leftover salad leaves

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