On your birthday, do you think about healthy options, or is it the day you splurge?

It's my birthday today (21 again so nothing exciting). But we are going for a meal later tonight and the greedy part of me wants the burger with all and the healthy eating wants salmon. I'm so indecisive at the best of times!

I've also made the profiteroles for later. I always wanted to make them!

Be good to hear what you all think.


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10 Replies

  • I try some kind of compromise on special occasions - same food as everyone else but smaller portions. e.g. 1 profiterole and half the burger. My partner is always happy to get extra food from my plate! Or order the children's burger (although they may make you pay full price for it) so you don't have too much food on the plate. I also try to make sure it is something that I don't have access to the following days to prevent an avalanche of willpower loss because I'll be more vulnerable in the days following a treat. e.g., make sure the profiteroles are taken away by one of your guests and not in the house when you are feeling hungry the next day? I think cooking for others and sharing food is a good way to get joy out of food without too many calories so I think the baking profiteroles is a great idea.

  • Do what you are doing and think about it 1st. Plan for the nice night out by being super good the rest of the day! Dont be too hard on yourself if you do go a bit overboard, just get back on track the next day! x Happy Birthday

  • Thank you both. I'm being super good all day! Then will eat what I feel like later. Slowly!

  • Happy birthday!

    I would eat the healthy option and have more champagne!


  • No as long as you get back on the wagon go enjoy yourself girl!!! I did two weeks all inclusive at Sandals in the middle of my weight loss :) Happy Birthday !!!!

  • Happy Birthday.

    If you get straight back on the wagon it MIGHT be ok. As long as the occasional treat remains just that - occasional. I don't do anything for birthdays and not just because I don't like being reminded I'm getting older.

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday. So what did you plump for in the end? my daughter was reading this post with me and said she would have had the salmon then some profiteroles, Virtuous and sinful at the same time, lol. Mind she loves fish of any kind, but your pic of profiteroles has her salivating, they are her all time favourite. Hope you had a wonderful day whatever you chose to eat 😊

  • I had salmon and profiteroles! Was lovely. Back on the wagon now! Thank you.

  • Happy birthday, Stellar! Well done for staying in harness. I could polish off that plate of profs in 5 minutes... :D

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