Missed the boat

Well, I seem to be having a good week and decided to sort through a few bits of old clothing - partly to distract myself from food tonight and because some of my work trousers are so baggy I look like I am wearing pyjamas!

Some of my clothes are now laughable and it is hard to imagine them fitting before. I have almost lost 3 stones and whilst not that many people have noticed, my jeans have. Pairs I was wearing before xmas now pretty much fall down.

I bought a lovely pair last year but they didn't fit so I have never worn them. tried them on today and guess what? Yep, they are too big - so I missed the boat on those. Oh well, my loss (in more ways than one) is the charity shops gain :)

So, for any of you out there having an off day, dig out some old clothes and try them on, you could be surprised. I now have 4 pairs of jeans that fit me which didn't a few months ago!

Hope you are all having a good week - weigh in time for me in 9 hours!


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20 Replies

  • Love your post, sound like what happened to me on my journey and I have missed the boat more than a few times LOL :-)

    My work pants began to look like jogging bottoms and everyone noticed and yeah you feel a bit silly, but hay at least they are to big and not to tight...

    I'm surprised no one has noticed your weight loss or maybe they have and just haven't said anything, but are thinking it. Once you start sporting your nice smaller outfits they will certainly notice unless their bloody blind. You have come so far and are doing an amazing job so well done to you hun :-)

    I look forward to your weigh in tomorrow. GOOD LUCK

    Trafford1 x

  • The only people who have mentioned it are those who know I trying to lose. Most of the weight has come off my bottom half so unless people stand back to look at you I guess it is not so noticeable. I am sure the next 2 stone will show more - it had better :)

  • Wow you are so lucky that it is coming off the bottom half more than the top. Mine is the top mostly and I really want the bottom half to shift faster." It's not easy is it hun"!, but we will get there eventually, won't we ? Have a great week x

  • Perhaps we could swap for a week lol. Still not making much progress on the belly, for every cm I lose on my belly, 2cms come off my hips - very weird.

    As you say, we are getting there :)

  • I love this post - well done you xxxx

  • Sometimes, Sueps, sometimes people don't say anything because they are jealous; so savour it all the more! :D

  • Fabby weight loss. You sound so positive, and well you deserve too 😊

  • Sadly its true , some "friends " will not notice.... last year I decided to tackle my excess 2 st. But I did it slowly and quietly, only my partner knew.

    After 2 months, my daughter ( who lives away) noticed. But my close friend whom I see every fortnight, did not notice !! She herself is a yo yo dieter and constantly tells me when she's lost 5lbs , gained 5lbs etc.

    A year later I've lost a total 30 pounds, have a Bmi of 22, dropped from a UK Size 16 to 12. Yet, my friend still did not notice..... until recently when my partner pointed it out to her!! Now she says, " don't lose any more will you, or it'll show in your face". Unfortunately that is true , due to my age I guess, as I have noticed a bit of a turkey neck lately! But I still feel loads, loads better for being slim. And so will you!! Good luck.

  • Well done on your loss you must feel fantastic. So frustrating that your friend followed a positive with a negative!

    Unfortunately, as we age we either seem to get a turkey next or flabby jowl :(

  • I have started sewing elastic into some of my skirt waist bands, but that wouldn't work for jeans... Mind you I don't seem to lose weight off my legs and hips, so jeans always stay up on me!

  • The elastic in skirts is a great idea :) I have been taking in the jeans but after about taking them in by more than 6 inches they start to look a bit silly ;)

    I seem to be losing all mine from my thighs and butt which is great but the belly just isn't catching up! I'm sure it will eventually :)

  • Can any of the jeans be adapted into dungarees? Perhaps cut off above the knee to showcase your new slim legs? Or just go shopping for new things!

  • Oh I always forget there are cool ways to turn jeans into denim skirts too, just look online. I'm sure there's a youtube video to show you how!

  • And handbags :) My legs aren't quite ready for denim skirts yet ;)

  • Oh yes, and bags! Denim skirt with 3/4 length black leggings?

  • Ruth please try not to, you may make the waistband smaller but it probably won't fit everywhere else and you will end up feeling and looking like orphan Annie! Not saying buy a whole new wardrobe at each size but just a couple of tops and skirts that fit from a supermarket asda isn't too expensive

  • My clothes have been too tight for ages and now finally fitting properly. Gives me the motivation to make adjustments to make them just right. Also adding sequins here and there, making things more fun. It's kind of a new sewing habit I've developed to keep my hands too busy to snack after dinner. But am def looking forward to buying new jeans, I also find Matalan is quite cheap and has lots of choice.

  • Good girl - reinventing is allowed just no elastic😛

  • If you are wearing baggy clothes no one will notice that you have lost weight!!!

    Go shopping and rather than recyling something old buy something new maybe in a colour that you wouldnt have worn before or a nice bold - not black!!!

    Dont spend the earth as you are not yet at the end of the journey it seems Sanisburys have a half price sale on at the moment!

    enjoy the sunshine and well done

  • You are right about people not noticing if I keep wearing baggy clothes - I am weeding them out :)

    I bought a few smaller bits on ebay last night - nothing too dear. I do have loads of small clothes but still felt I deserved a treat :)

    I may jus pop along to Sainsburys too - just in case ;)

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