If this hot weather lasts much longer I will be in serious danger of turning into a smoothie. I just cannot be bothered with anything else. I'm going through frozen berries, melons, tinned peaches and tinned pineapples, fresh spinach and rocket at a frightening rate. - not least to my purse!!!! The only fruit I don't put in is banana, I love unripe banana to eat as is, but added to anything and I gag. Really weird.

Tonight I am making ranch rubbed steaks, new potatoes and steamed veg for the family. I will absolutely guarantee that it'll be a smoothie again for me, when it comes to sitting down and eating I just don't want food.

Perhaps if I lived 52weeks a year in summer I would never have had a need to lose weight!!!!!!!!!!! 😂


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  • Fructose is the biggest contributor to non-alcoholic fatty-liver; I'm struggling to recognise your logic, other than you've probably been told fruit is healthy, which of course it may be in small amounts.

  • Logic doesn't come into it, lol. It is just a matter that I really can't be bothered with much else at present. As a qualified nutritionist I am aware of the damage too much sugar can do, and that fruit should only make a tiny bit of your 5 a day. ( or 8 a day in reality for health). Fortunately I know this phase will be very short lived and I don't have a 'sweet tooth', rarely eating sweets, puddings, chocolate, etc... My real downfall is crisps, so I just don't buy them. Crispy snacky things like quavers, etc.. don't appeal, got to be the real deal. Really, no need for concern, fruit usually is some strawberries and maybe an unripe banana in a day. 😊

  • I have found that lovely ice cool pieces of watermelon have been my saviour during this hot weather it's about the only way to stop me eating a million ice lollies!

  • watermelon for some reason is a high GI food

  • Yes as it is high sugar and absorbs quickly giving a fast 'spike' to your body instead of an even plateau. Nothing wrong with having some though. If this is what gives you that sweet treat feeling you need to stay on track. It is a good low cal alternative. Healthy eating should be all about balance, take the day as a whole rather than each individual bit. This hot weather has been a pain for me, but I am back on track, I try to live by %, ie, no more than so much % of my daily cals from fat, etc.. I also eat 8 portions of fruit and veg a day. This way I still have and enjoy my favourite foods. Except crisps, lol, they have had to go for now. Just too much of a temptation. 😄😃

  • Yes but , everything in moderation. Plus I have kidney disease so unlike everyone else I need to have foods that are low in potassium and watermelon is lower in potassium than other types of melon and lots of other fruits. It's a tricky juggling act getting my diet correct; the diet for my kidneys is completely the opposite to the diet for good diabetes control!

  • I agree with you totally linggirl. What is good for one is not always good for someone else. Without knowing the health history of someone it would be foolish to say ' eat this, don't eat that, etc..'. Only you know what is right for your intake. My own son can't have additives or preservatives, not for the usual reason though, far more complicated. My son was the reason I really looked into health and nutrition, then qualified. 😊

  • Hahaha your poor purse!! Is spinach nice in a smoothie? I love it in a salad or cooked but have never had it in a drink...oooh the new possibilities! Happy smoothying! xxx

  • Spinach is an 'acquired taste' in a smoothie, lol. I add 1/2tsp spirulina too which turns the whole thing a lurid green!! Blitz what you like, just experiment. I always add veg of some description along with the fruit. Cooked beetroot, berries and fat free greek yoghurt is quite nice, I know it sounds yuk. Pineapple, mango, spinach and coconut milk is another. I blitz the lot until smooth and dilute with a little water if I think it's too thick.😊

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