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The big picture is quite large

Omg, I've been dieting / healthy eating for the last month, plus started swimming and trying to cycle to work twice a week and managed to lose my first stone. Excellent, felt very buoyed up with that. Then I went onto the BMI checker, and to get in the middle of the healthy range for my height I need to lose another 6 stone 8 lbs. wow. The trouble is that I don't think of myself as that big. Even when I see photos of myself I just think who's that fat bird in the photo?

So ok, will need to carry on, break it down into smaller achievements because the big one is just too scary to contemplate at the moment.

My target I'd set myself (in front of friends so I mean it!😉) was to lose 2 St by the end of the year. So I guess I need to continue to focus in that first.

How are others managing?


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The middle of the healthy bmi range might not necessarily be the healthiest weight for you. Being at the top end or a bit over could be just as healthy, see how you feel as you go along. We're all different, and at the end of the day the bmi calculation is just a guide.

In the meantime 2 stone sounds like an excellent goal, especially if your friends know you're aiming for it. Maybe get a nice group photo with your friends when you get there, so you can start to connect how you feel with how you see yourself.

The fact you've already lost 1 stone is amazing too. You will experience all sorts of benefits along the way. Personally, I'm feeling the benefit of just having a healthier, cleaner diet, and am finding it easier now to make healthy choices. Lots of luck! 😊


Thanks Ruth, I really like the idea of a photo with friends, it's a happy picture to look forward to. ☺️


Definitely something good to look forward to. Perhaps on a fab day out too, to celebrate :)


Go Girl! well done I too am right at the top end of my BMI healthy and am perfectly happy with that join us on the monday weigh in if it motivates you Candystripe has lost 5st in the last year !!!

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