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Don't know if others are like me but I weigh myself two times a day, at night and first thing in the morning. My partner thinks this is a little obsessive and perhaps it is but I really think it helps me to keep on track.

For instance I went out last night for a meal at a country pub, having not gone out for some time and had a big meal with chips and a drink. Weighed myself this morning and Had gained 2 lbs from yesterday. Yes I know it will mainly be water but it does focus my mind and I will be very careful today. I have done this for over a year now and having lost just over 6 1/2 stones it works for me.

Just wondered if others do a similar thing.

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Bless ya, yes I do the same and I'm only on the second week, but have always done this. It'snot the recommended way, but as you have worked hard and lost so much weight, it clearly works for you. Keep it up xx


Me too. Any time I'm naked and in the bathroom, I step on the scales. It's a mini-reward because of the weight lost so far. It also means that I get a more representative idea of what my body is doing - I sometimes change as much as 5 lbs in the course of 24 hours so it is helpful to get a sense of the average rather than relying on a single measurement. I also think it helps just in the way you describe.

It wouldn't be healthy if I was in any danger of anorexia or bulimia (eg any teenage girl). I sometimes wonder if that's why it is recommended not to weigh yourself often.


I agree that for some it may not be healthy to do this for some but still have a stone and a half to go to hit my healthy BMI. I really do think it helps as a motivator for me. Stops me cheating as I know I will get an instant bad result on the scales. I am doing quite a bit of excercise now both cardio and weights. Eating biggish portions of healthy food and have had some fairly dramatic loss of inches around my waist, chest and hips. I am definitely building muscle so even though the weight loss is slowing down I am still losing fat but gaining lean muscle. This is perhaps where BMI doesn't tell the whole story. I have been told to leave the scales alone and concentrate on body measurements but it is a bit of an obsession I find hard to give up.

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heh heh - yes although at WW they recommend just once a week at same time of day. I guess it's whatever works for you? I found this interesting - apparently you lose about 2lbs during sleep;



Yep,I always lose around two pounds during the night so always weigh first thing


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