More than 3 stone plus to loose

I have a lot to loose, not sure if I can manage it but the choice is being taken away from me due to ill health. I either loose weight or die. I now have to loose 20% of my body weight asap so they can give me surgery. Trying to stick to slimming world at the moment but this time of night is a killer all I want is something to eat, not hungry just bored! I have tried drinking every time I feel hungry so have had 7 pints of water so far. Anyone else who is struggling maybe we can support each other.


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  • Sorry to hear you need surgery. Losing weight is a nightmare, if it helps to put things into perspective, I have been overweight since I was 8 yrs old. (I am now 29). And the constant weight changes have left me riddled with stretchmarks and years of insecurity. I managed to lose weight with weightwatchers and lighterlife but always gain it back. Everytime I do a diet, I gain weight and get heavier than before. Now I am 94kg (15 stones) and I have 4-6 stones to lose to be healthy. It just seems impossible.

    I've heard good things about slimming world and was thinking of trying it myself. You sound like you eat out of boredom (same as me) which sucks. On average I spend about 80% of my day bored since I do a sedentary job that I hate.

    I am in no position to help, but happy to join you and others on this endless journey.

    To tackle boredom eating I recommend browsing slimming world recipes and making meal plans, also it seems fruit and some snacks are unlimited (somehow) .. I even saw on a 7 day plan that SW recommended making a ortion of. Couscous and eating it whenever you feel peckish.

    Good luck :-)

  • Hi hun it is difficult I know at night what I do is save some of my calories for the evening then have a fat free chocolate pud this seem to work for me also I crochet or sew keeping my hands busy stops me thinking about food . You can do it your life worth my then food good luck :-)

  • Hi Hannah I am in the same boat as you need to lose weight for health I know how you feel I think of food all day I have found walking a great help I take off on a slow trot every time I feel hungry I have met some lovely people on my travels it does help good luck x

  • Hi There.

    Several things have helped me with my diet, firstly something I was told and which has turned out to be true - it is harder to do "nothing" than it is to do "something", so when dieting you will be doing a "nothing" i.e not eating where previously you would have been doing "something" eating, what I do to replace the something is to fanatically count my calories - I have a daily target and I stick to it, I count a drink of orange squash = 4 Kcal a tomato 17 Kcal etc, and for each meal I work out the exact calories. record it all and the effort of doing this takes my mind off of the fact that I could be eating. you could also get on this web site and start a conversation --- "help I'm hungry etc etc---

    secondly I weigh in weekly at the same time and day, for me Monday morning works because I find dieting easier during the week, so I tend to have a good Monday to Friday and a moderate Saturday and Sunday. so come my Monday morning weigh in I've generally lost a pound or so and even if I haven't I can draw a line and start again and then I'm straight back on it.

    drawing a line under a bad week is really important don't throw the towel in because you'll be in the same position in a few months trying to start a diet where if you'd stuck at it you may have lost only 4 or 5 pounds.

    Thanks and good luck


  • Hi Hannah, I had to lose weight 4 years ago to have a knee op, I did that using Slimming World. It's still hard but at least you can still eat something, probably not what you're after though. I agree with the other comments about filling your time up. I used to put a fitness DVD on or write up my menu plans or the week, and for a couple of weeks I went to bed early so that I wasn't awake for the cravings.

    Just think of it as small steps, you'll get there - good luck


  • I know just how you feel. I pay silly face book games on my laptop to stop me from eating keeps my hands /fingers occupied. If your doing slimming world and feel your need to eat try making some syn free muffins/Quiches and have them in the fridge ready for munches or maybe some strawberries and fat free greek yougut. I can say it but cant do it myself at the moment either.

  • Hi when I started last October I weighed 22st 7lb -I was pre diabetic,had high cholesterol and sleep apnea. By writing down everything I eat including milk in coffee etc I have lost 4st.I plan my meals and research healthy options on the internet-it's amazing the healthy meals you can find which are still satisfying and tasty.

    My glucose and cholesterol are fine now

    and I'm hoping to come off my sleep apnea machine soon.

    To counteract eating in the evening I have a diet tonic water -a G and T without the G and do some knitting.I still have a long way to go but just like you I need

    to do it for health reasons.

    What keeps me going is to take it in little steps -7lbs st at a time -with each step it gets easier -but the best thing is reading other people's solutions, advice and encouragement because we sll have the same goal-to lose weight.

    Good luck.

  • Hi I have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea as well and glucose intolerance, just hoping loosing the weight will help with all these as well.

  • It will Hannah, believe me. The sleep apnoea will be caused by the excess weight. As the weight goes so will the apnoea.

  • Use the app My fitness pal Mags you don't need to write anything down just put it in the app and it does the calories for you, and its free

  • Thank you everyone some really good tips. xx

  • Have you tried ice poles? Then you have juice, cool and crunch, instead of chocolate or whatever. Evenings are my difficulty too. I am six weeks in and I am not eating tons in the evening. After lots of research I have foods that take longer to digest and/or leave you feeling fuller for longer. Also I think it is important to feel some hunger. To go part of a day feeling hungry, to give your body some time to heal it's self.

  • II'm doing the 12 week NHS course, 9 weeks in and have lost 20 lbs by changing white farmhouse bread for multi-grain farmhouse. Eat less and feel fuller. Also cornflakes for fruit and fibre and adding extra fruit. Otherwise just portion control. Weighing the protein, meat or fish and the potatoes and filling the plate up with vegetables. I'm really enjoying it. I retired 6 months ago and the lack of exercise made me pile on weight and my arthritis made me not want to exercise. Now I can go for walks and do a little exercise. I am waiting for a referral to a gym for assessment.

    Try and give it a go I'm sure you'll succeed

  • Hi Hanna ...yes I'm in the same boat I need 5stone plus to lose i did lose 6stone most of which was fluid build up from lymphadema which caused me to have heart failure as I do have a heart valve that does not pump as it is meant to do ,I only found out about this 25 yrs ago And so I have to watch my eating habits but right now I'm struggling especially after stopping water tabs. I've put on 1stone in 12 mnths .

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