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I've made a start!

Hello everyone! I have started to cut down and I've lost 4 pounds. I'm not exactly counting calories but I am very mindful of what I'm eating and it is making a difference as I have a big appetite and tend to overeat out of boredom, stress and the fact that I love food! Anyway, that's all changing as Ive been lucky that I've been able to eat what I wanted over the years and it not make a difference, but thats all caught up with me now.

Also, a good motivator is the warmer weather and not being able to wear what I want or get into my nice clothes, its got to change!!

So, I did try running, I've downloaded the couch to 5K app, its great actually but running is not really me. I feel really self conscious, probably because Im heavier and also it hurts my knees, which is also probably because Im heavier.....anyway, I might go back to that when Im a bit lighter.

I thought, I have to do something, there's no more excuses!! So I went swimming three times per week, but it did seem a bit expensive. But as a stroke of luck, Ive been given an exercise bike. Its fantastic, just what I needed. It gives speed, distance and calories burnt it can be adjusted to make it harder to pedal for more effort etc. I've found a spinning class on youtube to work out to, for beginners, which is ideal, it free! fun and it works! So, at last, Ive found an exercise routine that I actually enjoy.

As it take so long to burn off 150 calories it makes me think twice about eating rubbish!!! So Im feeling optimistic and this site has really helped me along :-)

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Great attitude. Well done. Have fun on your bike- I have to admit that it is only recently that I learned what 'spinning' is, I had this vision of a room full of people spinning round and round like children's spinning tops!


Well done. Keep going.


Well done - you sound really motivated! :-)


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