After a leisurely breakfast out in the sunshine, I have spent 4 solid hours weeding, then mowing the lawn. I have also cut a 20ft long x10ft high hedge and cleared it all up, as well as planting 15 trays of bedding plants. As you would imagine, I walked into the house sweaty, red faced and looking like i'd just been dragged through the hedge I cut. My 18 yr old daughter came bouncing into the kitchen with the words, 'hi Mum, want to do the insanity workout with me, you haven't exercised yet this week'

Have you ever had the urge to kill someone.........................


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7 Replies

  • Bless her heart.....but the question is..."did you do it"??

  • I watched her do it, does that count? 😜

  • Funny how work that can be harder than any "exercise" is not perceived as such!

  • Yep. Will say though, I sat and watched her do it. Insanity it surely is!!!

  • Gardening = the green gym; and not for no reason... ;)

  • Aye, but am starting to wish I hadn't done it today. Am aching in bits I didn't know existed, and start on my first 13 hour nightshift of the week at 10pm. 😩

  • All downhill from early morning Paradise, then? Hope you have your feet up on the verandah whilst watching the wildebeest skittle across the horizon ;)

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