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Weekend splurge

I've fallen off the wagon rather in the last 4 days. First a barbeque party on Thursday and then I've been to stay for the weekend in a house with amazing food. To start with I was self-controlled but then I allowed myself more and more of the interesting treats at the table and in between meals from the pantry. So many tasty M&S treats in there!

My first meal back in my own house last night was a modest soup and herbal tea but then I completely lost it and ate two packs of cold meat, jam from the jar etc - just bingeing on whatever I could find. I am hoping that writing about it is going to reset my habits to their pre-travel state. I was so enjoying not having my mental life ruled by food.

I had got down to 12st 12 but now I'm back up to 13st again. Weirdly my waist is down to 92cm but I think this must be because I was bloated last time I measured and got 97cm.

Action and resolutions:

I have thrown out the jam and butter we had for guests. There is nothing else obvious that is unhealthy eaten in small portions left in the kitchen. But I'm working at home so there is a risk of just eating too often and too much. I will just have to drink a lot of strongly flavoured herbal teas.

I will go on a run late tonight. I might be able to go swimming early afternoon if I do enough work. I can at least do some toning exercises for breaks from work.

I will find some solution to the light coming in through my window early in the morning. Tiredness definitely makes me more tempted to eat.

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Hi trimtapir, only one thing for it hun, draw a line under a few fab days of indulgence and socialising and start afresh today. We are really good at beating ourselves up when we've fallen off the wagon, and we've all done it, but its done now, no changing it, so lets look forward.

A 2lb gain for 4 days scoffing isn't bad at all really. By getting back on it today it won't become a half stone gain, or more will it?

I work from home too, and I know it takes an iron will not to have my head in the cupboards every 20 mins, which is what I used to do. We don't have loads of crap in, but the habit is still there to look lol. I make the kids bics and cakes, but don't eat them now as just one sets me off, and before I know it I have to make more because I've eaten most of them. My saviour is coming on here when I feel the urge to snack, get involved in replying to posts and the urge passes. I also love peppermint and licquorice tea, its got a subtle sweet after taste, its by Pukka Teas, from Tesco or Sainsburys, or from Amazon even cheaper.

I also plan the food day on myfitnesspal. I love my food, and cook from scratch, but it helps to know how many calories I'll be eating so I can feel good that its enough to help with losing weight to become healthier, and hopefully more like the temptress I feel like inside, rather than the frumpy mum who looks back at me from the mirror.

You can do it, good luck x


Thank you fussybird. That's just what I needed. Yes I like teas. I have a peppermint, white tea and rose one that is delicious. I had forgotten about licquorice. I will get some of that again. And you are right about replying to posts. That really helps.

There is no way I could bake a cake and not eat it. You have a much stronger will than me! Good luck with your ongoing weight loss too




I agree with everything fussybird has said; you haven't put on much weight considering your 4 days of fun and indulgence and you are taking control again by coming on here and by removing the temptation from your kitchen.

I know the dangers of working at home so I would suggest filling up on healthy food at mealtimes to avoid hunger pangs (I eat a lot of leafy greens which have fibre to fill me up; lettuce, spinach etc), have a glass of water if you do gravitate to the kitchen, brush your teeth as nothing tastes good after that! Herbal teas are a good idea :-)

As for the bright early mornings, maybe you could work then to give you time to swim etc later in the day? Or go for an early walk or swim instead of lying in bed feeling tired. I tend to be an early bird so either use light mornings for some me time - reading or exercising or get some work done before other people are awake and distracting me :-)

Anyway, it's a new day and you are back in control and you can do this :-)



I'd second you MagsMM on starting work early. I get up with OH at 5am and usually start working then. I'm contracted 37.5 hours a week, and can sometimes fit 10 hours into one day. This leaves me less hours to work each day for the rest of the week. Hoping this will work in the summer holidays so that I can get down to the beach with the kids after lunch and spend the afternoon there, weather permitting.

I'll be away from the kitchen cupboards the too lol x


Thanks both - I will have a think on whether it's possible to reorganise sleep. My OH comes home from work 9.15-9.30pm ish, going to bed around 11.30pm. I definitely need 8 hours sleep but I could go to bed before him.

And thanks for both your wisdom and kind encouragement. It makes all the difference!


But you enjoyed it, which is good - all very necessary. It's not our blow-outs that submarine us, but our everyday eating; just make sure it doesn't become everyday and you'll be fine. Onwards and downwards, TT! #shouldlistentoownwordbutyouknowhowitis


Hello again - I wanted to say a big thank you to Mags, Fussybird and Gollibooboo for your support. You rescued me! I'm safely back on track again. Thank you!


Trimtapir, I've just seen your follow-up post - woohoo, glad you're back on track and glad that I could help. You know where we are... :-)

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Martyn, please don't use the group to promote your coaching service.

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