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I have tried and failed various diets. I am starting this one today. My downfalls are eating crisps at night, and wine. I also love cooking but I "try" too much of everything.

My eldest son has autism and has sensory issues around food. So it's a bit of a battle, I get down and I eat. My husband works long hours so I feel like a single parent with no family around.

This is all doom and gloom, im not like that, promise!

I'm hoping the summer holidays, positive attitude and new trainers will spur me on.

Thank you.

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Hi, well at least you have made the decision to change. You will find loads of support, advice and inspiration here, try not be too hard on self and maybe see new start as making simple healthy choices.

Have a good week



Thanks Flossie. I am feeling good about it. Read up on the healthy choices and feeling like I can crack this. Have more time as the summer holidays. :-)


Hello Stellar!

That sounds difficult but you have a really great attitude. I hope things go well for your first week and that you get time for exercise and time to chill out (without the crisps and wine) in the evenings.

Best wishes



Thanks Gail. I've tracked out what I need to do so unless there's an illness or a disaster I really have no excuse!

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