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I relapsed hard this weekend. I won't go in to details, but I probably consumed a weeks worth of calories in 3 days....


I gained 2lbs.

That takes me to 18st 1lb, with 14lbs lost overall. For the first time I'm behind my 2lbs a week target and it feels rubbish :(

I need my determination back, I feel SO ill after eating so much horrible stuff and I seriously need it out of my system ASAP. Gym tonight, firmly back on the wagon and just remembering how crappy a relapse feels

Ground zero once again, 0 days clean :(

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Know just how you feel HanPan! Far too much food ( it is my birthday today - so celebrating!). Have been to the gym this morning- but have lunch out with one of my daughters later! I gained 2lbs too! Will choose wisely (ish) for lunch then back on track this evening! Good luck to you!


Stop being so hard on self, ok you have had a low out but you are human, dust self down and reflect on why and put it behind you, after all you are still 14 Ib down have a good think on that, targets are not set in stone so be kind to self. Today is a new day we can't change what has happened but can make a better choice today so go for it girl you have done good !

Have a good week.



Keep going Han Pan Strawberry Jam, your one stone down, you can do it again!


Hi HanPan, I've been away this week, sorry to see you've had a tough time, although predictably you seem pretty determined to dust off and get back on track. But don't underestimate the emotional effect. Try to see the low feeling as a separate thing. It obviously feels so bad to have a lapse, but the feeling bad needs to be treated separately to the need to get back on track. Have you made a list of non food treats? I know you've got a pot of reward money growing for all those gym visits, lbs lost etc, but how about treats for along the way too? You have already achieved so much. 2lb back on is small change. Buy some uplifting music, plan a sunny picnic daytrip somewhere with your bf, look back through all the positive things you've done so far. Wishing you lots of luck for an improved mood soon 🎶😊


We all have crappy weeks but you have still lost a stone in a month which is fantastic!

I gave myself a week off last week as I was a bit fed up as I seemed to put on 4lb just having a take-away and a few sweets on father's day. The reality was it was a 1lb but still made me lose my mojo a bit.

You are on a long journey so you are bound to slip a bit now and again so giving yourself the odd break (maybe a bit more managed next time), won't hurt if it helps keep you on track in the long term.

Like you, I am back on it and hoping for good things this week. Remember that newly gained weight seems to come off faster, so who knows you may be able to make up a bit a ground this week.

Good luck :)


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