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Weekend Jaunt

ShellieLRestart Sept 2019

Just got back from a wonderful weekend staying at my ex husband and his partners ( yep, you read that right, lol ). Ex's partner is vietnamese and makes amazing meals, and I was taken out for lunch today by Mum ( well if it has to be correct ex mum in law, but she will always be Mum to me). Anyway, the point is, this weekend has been a delicious food fest. I didn't gourge, but I didn't count calories either. I will also admit to a bottle of Champagne. Am home now and planning next weeks food intake. I will not allow guilt to ruin what was a lovely few days or to spoil the good work on my weight management plan. This plan is for life and life is to be lived and enjoyed, which means going off on a tangent every now and then. I have brought bags of wonderful veggies and fruit back with me as well as lots of lovely oriental bits n bobs. I have also been let into the secret of some very lovely and healthy recipes of which I intend to be making very soon.

Life is feeling good and positive at the minute.

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Come on share those wonderful recipes. I'm always keen to try new ideas.

ShellieLRestart Sept 2019
in reply to linggirl

I will once I have done them myself, lol. 😃

Glad you had fun and are feeling so happy and positive. Makes it much easier to cope with "dieting" hope you enjoy your new recipes

That sounds really positive. In my experience having a few days off plan would lead to a few weeks off plan leaving me back where I started. That does not seem to be the case with you. Hope you have a good loss next week!!


A bit of what you fancy does you good! I always think it's best to treat yourself once in a while (like you say) and then get back on the wagon. Well done for enjoying yourself without feeling guilty as well.

I lost a load of weight in my 20s, and my secret at the time was to meticulously watch what I ate, to exercise ... and then to have a single square of chocolate at the end of each day!

Sounds like you are in a good place and I do agree that this plan is about making good life changes without missing out on life.

Have a good week and share your recipes I get stuck in a food rut sometimes.


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