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Well I am just about to start week eleven and I must say that I am surprised at myself! I have not really found it difficult to stick to my 1400 cals per day. Indeed most days I have been under! And although I had doubts as to whether I had actually lost any weight, I was surprised today when I weighed in to find that overall since starting I have lost nearly 5lb. not a lot and nearly not as much as some of you seem to manage, which makes me jealous, but I read that even half a pound a week is sufficient, as long as I keep it up! Which I will! My shopping these days is a lot more fruit and veg and I find I am being a little more adventurous with cooking healthy meals. My aim now is to get my two daughters on to the plan!

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Good for you, not-so blue orchid. Enjoy losing and getting fitter and healthier - all the postives that help keep us on tract :D


Well done on your loss so far. It may seem slow but you are heading in the right direction :) Some of us having bigger losses have a lot more to lose so in percentage terms you may be doing at least as well if not better. Even though I have a lot to lose I like to look at things in percentage terms as it is a great motivator.

I have a friend who has taken 2 years to lose 5 stones, yes it is a long time but I am sure she has a better chance of keeping it off long term.


That's great that you have found it easy to stick to the healthy eating plan - me too! I've been loving eating good, healthy food instead of rubbish and just feel so much better for it.

Re your weight loss - any loss is a step in the right direction :-)

If you want to lose a little more you may want to consider what your eating as well as the daily cals; you could maybe reduce carbs, especially sugar, focus on veg rather than lots of fruit, drink more water....? You could also try eating more one day to shock your system a bit and then return to your (new) normal cal allowance; the 5:2 diet also does this and some people find this v effective.

Anyway, keep up the good work! :-)



thank you for that advice. In fact I had been looking at the 5:2 diet plan and think I might give that a go too. I go to the gym 3 times a week and I have just ordered a swimming costume which took a bit of doing - I haven't been swimming since having a mastectomy nearly 10 years ago - we have just had a new leisure centre opened and the pool looks inviting so I am going to pluck up the courage and try swimming too!

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That;s really good to read, that you're taking the plunge! Glad the weight has been dropping off slow and steady I'm like this too and as long as it's coming off I don't care!


Great that you're getting back to swimming - I'm sure you'll love it and it's great exercise. I've just started back at Curves and am really enjoying it :-) Good luck with the next stage of your weight-loss journey...


well I have been for my first swim! felt a bit nervous at first as it is years since I swam and certainly not since my op but took a friend with me and after making sure that my prosthesis was sitting right, LOL I took the plunge and waded in! It felt really good and I stayed in for about 40 minutes. Now I am home and feeling proud of myself but no doubt I will be aching a bit tomorrow! But I've done it!


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