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Day 5 and I'm hungry!

My resolve is firm, so worries there, but my goodness I'm famished right now!

I've followed the same eating pattern all week, and the previous 4 days I've only felt really hungry at mealtimes, but now I could eat a scabby dog.

Going to have a coffee and a glass of water and see how I feel then, but think it's going to be an early lunch today. It's a funny old business this dieting, thanks for listening, and distracting me from any silliness in the biscuit cupboard x

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I have felt so hungry over the last few weeks. I have just eaten and my tummy is rumbling. I think there is no choice, but to enjoy feeling hungry.

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I held out until 11:30 which is fine as I had my porridge at 06:30. I had an apple for a snack about 08:30, didn't really touch the sides lol.

I find hot food feels more filling, so had some left overs from Weds night dinner in a wrap. Dinner tonight is BBQ, on OHs request, so just a home made burger in ciabatta for me, might pick up a shed load of salad, just to fill a gap. I don't usually bother with salad, but so determined at the mo it'll do.

Hopefully won't be as bad tomorrow, although my 9 & 11 year olds have a friend each over tomorrow, and they are making chocolates, eek! As long as I don't have one I'll be fine. It's like Pringles, once I give in, I'll eat them all!

Want to save some of tomorrow's calories for wine once the friends have gone home.

But I think you're right, have to get used to feeling hungry for now, our stomachs will start to shrink quite quickly x


You are doing well, keep going. With the chocolate making tomorrow, maybe you need a healthy snack in sight to grab instead of the chocolates. How about a rice cake with a thin layer of chocolate? Then not chocolate deprived. I'll expect they will eat them all up, not leaving one for you anyway! lol. I am about to take my 3 year to gymnastics. I will make sure I get on the trampoline and run around as well. Then hopefully late lunch, as a picnic somewhere.


Taking them to wet and wacky pool session first, and walking there and back as the people carrier at OHs workshop 50 mins away. Only 15 mins walk each way. Don't often do this sort of thing as have 4 kids, full time job and studying, but want to keep us all busy. I'm going to make some red lentil and chick pea soup I'll have when we get back, filling and hot :-)

I can resist at the mo, visualising me back to my slim self, and posting on here, a lot lol.

Enjoy gymnastics, trampolining is great fun as well as calorie burning x


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