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Week 2/3 Discouraged

I didn't post for week two because I wasn't seeing results even though I was working out a lot and eating right. 1600 calories a day is what a consumed and nothing. I don't know what happened.

As for this week it's gone downhill. I'm about to hit that time of the month and my craving are going crazy and I've only worked out once this week. I'm so angry with myself with all the binge eating. I've eaten everything I'm not suppose to eat. I don't want to do this over again.. My weight is sitting at 172 lbs.

Help :( my mood has been so low lately and I'm so demotivated & also I've not been sleeping well. As I type this I've not yet slept since yesterday. I'm sleep deprived. I want to go to sleep but my body won't let me :'( I believe this is one of the causes of my binge eating since I get hungry at 3 am :(

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Cut out all caffeine from your diet. You will feel worse for a couple of days and after that you will feel so much better and sleep better.

Sugar also has a negative effect so try cutting down sugar as much as you can.

Just making these two changes will do wonders for your health, your sleeping habits, mood swings and weight loss too.


Thank you very much!


Do you like liquorice? If so I recommend liquorice tea. It's very sweet and may help your sugar cravings. I make a huge pint mug and sip at it all morning, and then have another one in the afternoon.

Although I hate the stuff when I'm really really desperate to 'eat' I chew gum. The minty taste it leaves also makes snacks and chocolate etc much less attractive. Or you could try popcorn which always feels like a bit of a treat; make your own though from the kernels (not a microwave pack) and absolutely no sugar, butter or salt.

I'm not sleeping well either at the moment. Blaming the heat. If you're really struggling you could try Nytol. It's herbal, so doesn't leave you feeling nasty in the morning. Boots the Chemist also do their own version of this.


Thank you for your help! really appreciate it


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