Honesty: What Motivates You?

Honesty: What Motivates You?

"I want to be healthier and alive for ever and to be able to do all the things my fat has held me back from.. also... WORLD PEACE".... That's my standard, churned out response when asked for my motivation...

It's all lies!

Honestly? I want to be HOT. Like, not standard fat girl got skinny hot, I'm talking face meltingly, 1950's pin up gorgeous. Selfish? Probably. I really wish there was a higher, more noble cause for me but... nope! That's the main one :)

See, my brain doesn't match my body. Inside I'm an up and coming business woman rocking pin up make-up, a pencil skirt, some excellent tattoos and heels you could decapitate someone with... in reality? The fat girl who wears the same 4 skater dresses everyday, no tattoos because I'm far too scared of what other people will think of them and, of course, I NEVER wear heels because the pressure my weight puts on my feet is horrendous!

I'm sitting at my desk right now quietly giggling to myself, sometimes admitting this stuff and really looking at your brain properly turns up the strangest of things! Who'd have thought it eh? I'm a poor man's Betty Grable!

Honestly, what motivates you?


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22 Replies

  • My pigheadedness!!! I don't just want to be around to see my grandkids arrive and grow up, I want to be the one leading the scaling of trees and running screaming through the cold waves of the sea with them. I too want to feel 'oh yeah' when I look in the mirror. I want to be the 'me' that is totally absorbed by making my life as magical as I try to have made my kids and still do. I want to look in a shop window and see that dress to die for, walk in and know they will have my size.

    Selfishness is good sometimes. The soul needs to be loved and nourished with more than food. 😄😃😀😊☺️

  • Go for it. I cant keep up with my 3 year old. This is embarrassing to say the least. If she runs off I'll be unable to stop her getting into a scrape.

  • Dear fenbadger, you will always find a way to keep your children safe hun. Actually joining this site was a step to doing just that 😄

  • I have a three year old and I feel the same way. I struggle when I take her to gymnastics, a few jumps, a little bit of running, I'm red faced and puffed out, we need to keep going, keep trying....

  • I'm an early years teacher and this week for the first-time I ran across the field to fetch a child who'd gone wandering. It felt so good to be able to do it that I found myself making excuses to run a bit more! A few weeks ago this would never have happened, so you will soon be running after your little one!

  • Cannot see any diet sheet for me to begin your weight loss plan ?? Any info on how to obtain is greatfull thank you.

  • Hi ME52, do you mean my personal diet or the NHS 12 week plan? You can download the NHS one here:


    For me personally, I use a combination of MyFitnessPal to track intake, and a fitbit to track calorie output :) I try to keep my calorie intake under 1390 per day, then create a larger calorie deficit by trying to up my calorie burn with the NHS C25k program and regular walking :)

    I've lost 16lbs (1st, 2lbs) in 7 weeks :)

  • My motivation? To be able to walk out of the shower and not avert my eyes. Wear smaller size clothes and find a bargain in a charity shop even!!! Is it too much to ask. Hell no. Lost 7 lbs in 5 weeks, pleased with myself. Why shouldn,t we be selfish, we spend a lifetime thinking of others. Time for us xxx

  • Love this, I'm down 16lbs in 7 weeks (started at 19st 1lb... yikes!). I agree, selfishness is important to weight loss. You need to be doing it for you and no one else!

  • All power to the 'selfish' bit in us gillyflower88, sometimes its what makes us able to fight the fight. ShellieL 😊

  • Well done everyone, especially you HanPan, on your loss and your attitude - I'm loving your posts! I've not posted weekly updates coz I feel like I'm jinxing myself but I've lost 8lbs in the past 2 weeks and my hubby has lost 12lbs. Just like your boyf, he's been really supportive and cooked some gorgeous teas that you never would have guessed were 'healthy'.

    Truth is, I'm pretty thin - since losing the 8lbs I'm now back to 25 as my BMI and I know most people on this forum would be thrilled to be my size (which is another reason why I don't post) but I've got a wardrobe filled with clothes that I've not been able to wear for the past 5 years (granted, I've had three babies in that time!) and I'd love to be one of 'those' women who people look at and say 'What?! She's got three babies under 3!' ...not that I can do much about my tired eyes so people may not be that surprised.

  • I am so boring as all I want is to be in control of my eating and comfortable in my size 14 clothes. Gave up on looking "hot" decades ago. :o

  • Why do we age, and how can we slow the process without being hungry all the time?

  • Thank you, this is extremely interesting. Do you have the link to his paper?

  • Your post has made me giggle.

    Yes in my head I am hot babe who turns the head of every man on the high street. Gets free drinks each time I go out, and all that good stuff. The reality, as soon as I had a ring on my finger and a young child, rank up to 18 stone, no man looks at me.

  • At the moment " I will fit into my size 16 clothes for my holiday" was struggling to get in some size 20.

    After reading your post I'm now like " yeah I wanta be hot again, I want to be chatted up again, and to be able to say " sorry happily married " I remember them days and want them back :)

  • Firstly,I'd like to not have to buy a new wardrobe as I'm now the largest I've ever been. If I don't act now, at nearly 13 stone, it will be a huge mountain to climb.

    Secondly I have a hiatus hernia. I had mixed feelings on this one as the endoscopy also showed Barretts oesophagus which needed to be biopsied. If there had have been dysplasia it would have meant surgery. Was unable to eat properly for months but still have gained a stone, I think partly due to rebound eating and partly due to thyroid meds not being absorbed. I was overweight to start with but around 12 stone. There is no dsyplasia, Thank God, and losing weight helps the hernia. I take Omeprazole which has sorted the heartburn but could be causing malabsorption ofi Levothyroxine Being overweight though is only a factor. 1 in 3 people over 50 have a hertias hernia and it can cause no problems or symptoms, In my case it did , heartburn. You should always see your doc if you have heartburn for more than 2 weeks. The Barretts diagnosis could have saved my Dads life. He died of throat cancer.

    TSH shot up and I'm now on a larger dose but haven't yet had a follow up blood test.

    I lost 10 pounds a year and a half ago so it is doable. Lost 2 pounds so far and have uped my exercise. I have major portion distortion, like cooking and tend to just eat eat too much, although it is healthy food. Just seems a waste to throw food out as I'm also on a budget. I'm now starting to do that if I can't put it the fridge and microwave it. Or a more trivial note I struggle to put socks on in the morning and find myself doing the old lady thing (I'm 55) ie grunting and groaning.

    So its mostly a health motive but would want to stay on the upper side of ideal weight ie a size 14. Presently a 16 to 18. Anything less would mean a permanent diet and I just like my food too much!

  • Ah! That is me too. I've always wanted to be a 1940/50s pin up. In fact that is pretty much my style I'm just my lacking the body to match at the moment, but hey that will come. I think that secretly I've always wAnted to be Diana Dors, but without the many husbands and lovers!

  • In my head I'm smokin' hot too lol. I agree with everything everyone has said, seems we all think alike and have good reasons to succeed in getting to our own ideal weight.

    Have you tried burlesque classes? I did this, any any size of woman is embraced, you can't do it if you're skinny, need curves. It's a great confidence booster, we even did a dance in two shows, scary but loved it. An excuse to be sexy, voluptuous and have fun x

  • Yes its so hard losing weight but u got to do it even for your health, iv been a yo yo dieter all my life lost weight put it back on been slim been fat now im on rosemary conley diet 1200 calories a day for two weeks lose half stone thats a start then 1400 calories, on my forth day doing ok drink plenty of water few exercises a day. You can do it dont give up.

  • My Motivation, is all selfishness i want to do this for me and only me, obvs i care what people think of me, but at this stage of my life i want to do this for my self, beneficial gain my imagination and reality, couldn't be more different!!! but i've started well and I'M GOING to complete this!!!

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