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Back from my holiday in France and I only put on 1/2 pound which I am very pleased with as I know I can vary that much day to day anyway.

Just wanted to share my holiday tips for those of you who will be holidaying yourselves soon:-

1. I wouldn't have an alcoholic drink until 630pm (ie no lunchtime drinking). I had three drinks one night and felt quite ill so limited it to 2 per night thereafter and sometimes just the one. And I made sure I had two days during the week where I didn't have anything at all.

2. I had my normal breakfast everyday during the week (yoghurt, fruit and a sprinkling of Alpen) and then had a croissant on our last day.

3. I took my fry-light with me.

4. I only had one dessert a day. This was either sorbet or my cousin made a lemon cake so I had a couple of slices of that.

5. Salad for lunch every day. I did have cheese with my salad but in moderation and mostly low fat versions.

6. Steered clear of French bread - only had a baguette sandwich on one day which was the day we took a packed lunch for our 30km cycle ride.

7. Tried to do something active every day - swimming, cycling or walking (didn't manage this everyday but did most).

8. I wasn't good all the time; I had a whole pizza on my last night, a sorbet after my cycle ride and ate my way through a whole bar of milka during the week and a bowl of crisps before dinner on a couple of nights. This meant that I didn't really feel like I was on a diet for the week but didn't go overboard and put loads of weight on like I normally would.

I really enjoyed myself and my eating. I feel like I've learnt a lot about food over the last few months and am less daunted about when I stop trying to lose and start trying to maintain now.

4lbs to goal!

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Well done :) think I gonna struggle with tip number 1, lol :)


hey, well done and thanks for those tips - I am away myself shortly so good to have in these in mind. ;)


I went on an all-inclusive earlier this year.

1. I got most of my carbs from veggies, keeping starches (including pulses) to a fist size or less.

2. I had a portion of protein with the accompanying fat at every meal.

3. I had cheese at most meals, trying all varieties. Other than butter and salty olives, there weren't many other sources of fat apart from what some food was fried with (and the fat accompanying the aforementioned protein).

4. Sometimes I had a portion of fruit.

5. I don't drink alcohol.

6. I used the gym most days, ran 12 minutes every other day, otherwise high-intensity weights.

7. Played tennis and squash.

8. Walked to the harbour and back most days, which was only 20 minutes round trip.

9. Walked to a neighbouring town on one of the days, about an hour round trip.

10. Took a bus to another town then walked quite a bit; probably in the region of 7 miles.

11. Never hungry, never deprived, really enjoyed it, lost a bit of weight without trying to.

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Hi Concerned

I am quite interested in the principles of a high fat low carb diet. Reading your posts has stopped me snacking on yoghurts throughout the day but I do still have fruit with a yoghurt and a spoonful of cereal for breakfast in the mornings. Do you have any suggestions for breakfast that don't involve cooking or meat (sometimes I have eggs but mostly I can't face those in the morning)?

Many thanks


First I'd just like to point out that I don't eat very low-carb or high-fat. I aim to eat an adequate amount of carbohydrate, which I estimate to be between 120g and 150g per day; enough to replenish what I've used.

As for fat, if we eat 50 to 60% of our energy from carbs in a day that is considered normal, or even healthy by some, whereas the same proportions for fat, OMG (even though as we are often reminded fat has more than twice the calories gramme for gramme). Two-thirds of the energy we use in a day is fat, whether ingested or from our body-fat.

Rant over, you are the best person to determine what to have for breakfast. I would recommend you try to have a balanced meal of real food (not processed) that contains something from each of the macro-nutrients because we're trying to eat what we need, so you don't want to have too little of something then try to make up for it later. That said, this allows for a lot of flexibility.

To get some greens for instance, have a smoothie with half the volume made up of kale or spinach. Add some ground nuts, frozen berries, and some milk and blend to a thick, creamy texture. If you need more carbs, add some whole-oats (but don't blend, which will raise the Gi).

Take a look at the Change 4 Life website by all means, and instead of focussing on low-fat, have sensible portions dependent on your needs.


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Great plan, good to have ideas how to cope with holidays, 😊😊😊


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