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Help needed with diet and motivation

A few years ago i had my gallbladder taken out. Months before the Op i managed to stay on a fat free diet which in turn reduced my weight from 90kg down to 80kg being only 175cm tall i was well chuffed and felt great as i had generally struggled with keeping my weight down. Well now post op and married with our first child i have managed to balloon to a whopping 101kg and can not shift it.

I noticed i was getting knee pain and seems to be getting worse with the extra weight. Really need help with my diet maybe share or join in a program with someone or people. any help would be great.

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You're absolutely right, knee pain can be caused by being overweight. Get a few kilos worth of sugar and imagine the extra stress this can cause on your knees. That can be one of your motivators! You've done it before so you clearly know what you need to do. Maybe the best place to start would be to keep a diary and honestly write down what you eat in a typical week (and how much of it). Then you could post it here and get some suggestions about foods you could swap for something else.


Hiya, Portmoon is right, and writing everything down, and the quantities is a good way to identify where the calories are coming from. As you've got knee pain, gentle exercise is the only way. Any movement, housework, walking around the garden, even walking around the block/to the park with your baby in the pram/pushchair will increase your calorie burn and your metabolism.

Its a gradual process, and we're all in the same boat and here to support each other. Let us know how you're getting on as often as you can x


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