i really need help loosing wiegh I've tried and failed many times

I'm nearly 20st (19.09) and still gaining has anyone sensibly last weigh I've joined the gym and changed the diet but my confident level are low i don't stay at the gym long anoth cos im embarraased about my wiegh and the people around me eat junk food how do i get past this first stage ? need to so this for myself will power


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  • Do you enjoy what you're eating and what you're doing? Do you eat sufficient satisfying foods not to feel hungry?

  • im never hungry really its not the food its lack of exsise i eat the odd junk food but i eat porridge or weetibix for breakfast normal sized lunch yogurt banana sandwiches / pasta or salad and water sometimes odd pack of crisp or chocolate and for dinners fish rice or jacket potatoe chicken no puddings

  • Jenny you have to run a marathon to burn a pound of fat! Sure excersise helps but it's not the be all and end all. Have you tried using my fitness pal to log all the food you eat? For me it's my drinking thre are a lot of calories in a bottle of wine........

  • You can do this. I would suggest checking that your portion sizes are correct. My problem was that I was hopekessly overestimating what a correct portion size was. From what I understand exercise doesn't really help you lose weight it just tones you up and I seem to have read that muscle weighs more than fat.

  • I agree with checking portion sizes and also write down everything you eat. Losing weight is something like 80% food control and only 20% exercise.

    If you've tried this and you're still not losing, speak yo the GP as there may be a medical reason.

  • i think it is the food. I have lost 6 1/2 stones from a start point of 21 stones in a year. For the first 6 months I did no excercise other than walking and gradually increasing speed and distance. From the description of your diet I ate nothing like the amount or type of food that you have. Portion size is important and limiting carbs. Sugar is to be avoided. I stopped having any processed food and cooked all my food from fresh ingredients.

    I work with blokes who think nothing of having a big fried breakfast followed by fish and chips for lunch and I just have to sit with them and have my cup of tea. It does get easier and whatever anyone else is having doesn't bother me.

    From six moths into the diet. I started swimming and going to the gym but now for the last 3 moths I do a 45 minutes workout first thing in the morning 4 times a week at home consisting of interval training and weights. It saves me the gym subscription and don't have to worry about what anyone else thinks.

    As I said forget worrying about exercise and concentrate on the diet first. You have to work out what works for you but cut right back and don't give in to temptation.

    None of this is easy but worth it.

  • I lost 2 stone in 10 weeks, it's settled down now to 1/2 pounds a week, no exercise not got round to that yet, when I started I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs never mind go to a gym ! Yeap totally agree have you weighted your pasta etc and worked out the calories, I nearly fell threw the floor when I realised how little pasta you get for 200 calories my 7 year old grandson eats more ! I weigh everything, and it makes me choose the healthier options ( I always thought pasta and rice was healthy, just not the amount I ate ) I also write down everything I eat along with the calories. I no saint still get the odd bad day :( Good luck.

  • As other have already said, its checking portion sizes, its a real eye opener weighing something that you've always eaten and realising that its twice or three times the calories you thought it was, even nutritious home cooked from scratch food.

    A friend of mine was a similar weight to you and she started in the gym, just 20 minutes on the bike or walking on the treadmill at first, and just built it up by 5 mins every couple of weeks, now quite happily goes in there. As you're there more often people will start to say hello, and that makes it less daunting too. Take your headphones and plug into the music or tv.

    Myfitnesspal app is brilliant, individualised to you.

    Good luck hun x

  • thanks guys some really good points im thinking and feeling positive today x

  • Check out posts from member called 'concerned'. All the articles and videos really opened my eyes to what is in food, what our bodies need and how we should go about loosing weight. Concerned is supportive if you have questions too.

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