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Maintaining the Motivation!

What a brilliant find this forum is!! I have been having a nightmare recently with starting diets, groups, meetings etc. and then about 4 weeks down the line completely losing all interest. I am wanting (needing) to lose about 2 stone to get myself nearer a healthy BMI. My biggest problem is giving in to temptation and not really thinking about what I'm shovelling into my mouth. However watching my BMI increase to over 30 and the stretch marks appearing on my stomach I need to do something!! I also work for the NHS and having someone teach you to be healthy who is overweight themselves is definitely not a good look!!

Any tips for keeping up the motivation for more then a month and maintaining a strong willpower!?



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Have you tried the NHS 12 week plan? I've found it really helpful in re-educating me into healthy eating. I'm now in week 9 and have lost 9.3 kg which I am so proud of. I didn't lose anything this week but I'm not giving up. You will find that the folks on this forum are brilliant at encouraging you through the sticky patches and praising you during the good times. One of the things I do if I'm tempted by unplanned snacks is to go on this site, read a few posts and then reply to them.It takes my.mind of any cravings. Good luck.

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Welcome Harriet! It's not just about losing weight but re-educating ourselves with our relationship with food. I realised I was addicted to sugar so do try to cut out sweet things when I can. It's hard to stop bad habits but after a while you'll realize that it isn't as difficult as you think.

I find the best thing to do is to set yourself mini goals. If you lose just 1lb a week means you'll nearly be close to your goal by Christmas. Just think how long it took to put on the weight! Healthy eating is a lifestyle lifelong way of eating so keep in touch with the forum and we will help you along the way. We are all in this together! :)


Hi Harriet, I also work for the NHS with a BMI of 30, eek! how did that happen? and you're so right, the public don't listen to healthy living advice from any of us who don't look our healthiest. I went to the RCN congress this week, haven't been for a few years, and I was really struck by how many noticeably overweight delegates who attended, even very overweight students. Have to say that added to my motivation this time around, I don't want bigger uniforms, or to struggle any more than I already do with laces, so let's do it!

I'm a prolific snacker, meals are all healthy, cooked from scratch, so its the in-between meals bit that's my prob. I guess I'm saying identify your triggers and work from there. I usually get bored by day 3, so you're doing well getting to 4 weeks!

Keep up with us on here, there's lots of support, tips, and praise, and even a kich up the bum if you request one xx


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