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A £ for a lb

I'm struggling with motivation to exercise regularly. The food thing I've got sussed, but since my injury I just can't seem to find the get up and go again.

I'm not one to give up, there's always a way to motivate yourself somehow so....

Today I opened a new savings account called "The Fit Fund".

I'm monetizing exercise for myself, the idea being when I hit my goal weight I'll use the money I've "earned" for an obscene amount of new clothes, make up, hair cut.. THE WORKS.

The Rules:

Every time I hit 5,000 steps in a day - £1

Every time I go to the gym - £1

Every time I lose a lb - £1

Every time I complete a run for C25k - £1

Looking at the big picture:

I have 112lbs left to lose - £112

27 Runs for c25k to complete - £27

3 Gym Visits a week for 56 weeks - £168

392 Days with potential for 5k steps - £392

Potentially £699 to spend at the end of the journey.... Whoop!

about £12 a week looks expensive, but when you consider I was spending about double that on takeaway before starting this thing, it's a pretty awesome straight swap.


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People do something like this when they give up smoking too. It makes absolute sense.


Sounds brilliant


Great idea! I did something similar when I gave up smoking - I put the money I would have spent on fags in a pot, and ended up as a non-smoker wearing a brand new pair of Levi's :)


I save a pound for every pound I lose too. Got £37 in my box so far - I can see into it so that also inspires me!

I am also going to sell some of my clothes (the nicer ones) or just the jeans to one of those local shops that pays per the kilo and will add that money to my jar too. I have tons of clothes in the loft which I will give to charity so I don't feel too mean selling some. So if you did that too you could add a few more pounds to your kitty.

You could also add a bonus when you hit a target - say £5 for each stone off - if you have any money left - lol.

My target is to lose 190lb - probably unrealistic but we will see. I intend to buy a leather jacket with my proceeds. That way I will have a nice piece of clothing which I will have to keep the weight off to keep fitting into!


Sueper, you might want to think about ebaying some of those clothes - you would get a lot more for them than selling them by weight. All the more for the leather jacket fund :-)


Thanks Mags. I may well do that - could be a gold plated leather jacket :)


I like your thinking!


Hi HanPanStrawberryJam,

A great incentiviser - should give you lots of motivation and you can enjoy spending your proceeds at the end.

Wishing you another great week.

Lowcal :-)


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