Doner kebab!? On a diet???!

Doner kebab!? On a diet???!


I had a doner kebab, garlic mayo and chips this evening...

For 656 calories! :D

Not kidding, tasted exactly the same as the real thing just without all the grease :)

I was proper mad craving takeaway tonight because I didn't want to cook, was feeling lazy and Sunday or Saturday used to be takeaway night... Sometimes even both nights :S

My lovely boyfriend came home and bless him, spotted straight away I was struggling. While I was trying to convince him that takeaway is good for us, he cooked the hairy dieters version of a kebab and delivered it to the sofa just like a takeaway :)

It's only a little thing, but support like that makes so much difference and now, instead of throwing away a weeks worth of good eating, I'm sitting here smug because I had my takeaway without blowing it.

Today I learned that cravings can be satisfied by healthier versions of the same flavours and having the healthier version doesn't count as 'giving in'. My craving has completely gone and I feel really really positive :)

Weigh in is tomorrow, nearly 7 weeks clean :)



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8 Replies

  • Sweet potato chips? :-)

  • Nope normal potato but that's a cracking idea!

  • I totally agree with you, healthy 'fakeaways' are achievable and enjoyable. Much as I want to eat healthier and be healthier I, like you, am addicted to food. I don't believe banning food is the way to sustain a lifelong eating plan, there is always a way to adapt and enjoy your favourite meals. Wishing you huge success in your journey x

  • Thats great well done. Its lovely having support like that, theres been a few times when ive said "sod it lets get takeaway" and my partner has talked me out of it and cooked me dinner. Its a lovely feeling and you do feel better for it afterwards :) good luck for tomorrow

  • Well that's it then! I don't eat meat but your pic has just helped me make up my mind to order the HD's cookbooks.

    Do you lend out your boyfriend I could do with someone to cook for me occasionally!

  • Last piece of the puzzle. When the little gap in your willpower appears, someone's there to fill it. Nice one! your bf gets mega brownie points. Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in :)

  • What a lovely story!

  • I have the Hairy bikers diet cook book which I have used but I have now gone away from it. I have started trying more Asian, Japanese type food, wagamamas cook book is quite good. I think the stronger flavours help to reduce the portion sizes but still feel satisfied.

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