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Nearly 3 weeks in and going strong, how the hell I am doing it is beyond me but doing it I am. Had a week off work last week and went on a spa break with my daughter. Didn't calorie count but ate sensibly, which for me is a big deal. Previously I would have gourged without thought. Instead of our activities each day being centred around shopping and cafes, my daughter and I put one foot in front of the other on uphill climbs! Ingleton falls to be exact, nearly killed me I will admit, lol. Forgot just how much I loved walking for the sure love of this stunning country we live in. Already planning our next break. I do walk for about an hour every day with the dog, but it tends to be the same fields and woods and somehow you forget to stop and look around you.

Tonight is the last of this weeks shifts and it has been a week from hell. I work permanent nights as this fits my life best, a long week followed by a short week ( minimum of 65 hours on my long week!). By golly has this week tested my endurance. I truly love my job, but it is at best both physically and mentally challenging. I am amazed how I have managed to do it carrying this millstone of lard.

I will weigh for the first time tomorrow since starting my healthier eating plan, I am hoping for a good loss. Whatever the scales say I know I am succeeding to lead a healthier lifestyle, my clothes are already feeling a little looser. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part, I don't know, truth will out tomorrow.

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Well done, and remember - your clothes are a much better judge than the scales!

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I hope your changes are giving you enjoyment, and help you achieve the outcome(s) you desire :-)


Right behind you, Shellie :D


Thankyou Gollibooboo 😊. Hope your journey is going well too.


If your clothes are looser and you are are feeling better, forget the scales! Well done!


Agree with all the above - go Shellie x :)


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