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quit smoking gained weight

Hi Guys, I have quit smoking 2 and a half months ago and seemed to gain 2and a half stone :(

I desperately need to loose weight as I have a long term back problem and carrying this extra weight is really not helping. I would be really grateful if any one can give me some pointers on how to safely loose the weight and maintain it.

I have cut out bread, making lots more stir frys etc and having an activia youghurt for puddings and drinking 2 litres of water everyday. Exercise is difficult due to my restrictions even though I would love to go for a run or a long walk.

I would love to hear from any one who can point me in the right direction

Dot x

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I suffer from a bad back so can understand a bit. I started small by increasing my walking, also i found using a cross trainer didnt strain my back. You dont need a gym you can do it at home, step ups on the stairs, weights with tinned veg etc. Any form of activity is a step in the right direction and you can increase as you feel able.

Food wise i find cutting out processed food helps and bulking meals out with salads and veg. Sounds like you have started well with the eating. Check any sauces etc as easy to increase calories using sauces.

Well done on quitting smoking i know how hard that can be. The snacking from quitting will ease up so try to find ways to distract yourself from both cravings such as a hobby where you use your hands, i do card making or scrap booking :)

All the best

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Thank you I love to cross stitch but still haven't found the right frame of mind to start a new one.

Trying to eat healthy I am finding so confusing as food I think is healthy sometimes turns out not too be and every thing refers to exercise :(, at least I am smoke free so there is 1 positive :)


Can be surprising when you start looking at what is in foods we eat. I find the less processed the healthier it is really. Take it one day at a time and you will get there

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Well done! Quitting smoking is the hardest thing ever and the most positive health thing you could do. nhs.uk/livewell/loseweight/...

Also for exercise nhs.uk/Livewell/getting-sta...

I recommend c25k.

Good luck

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Thank you for the links I will check them out now :)

I got to be honest I found quitting smoking easier than losing weight lol.


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