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do I count the calories for fruit on this plan?


hello all. just a quick question as today is my first day of the 12 week plan. do I need to count the calories of my fruit intake? I know I probably do but going from what I had been eating down to 1400 calories & then including fruit as part of this means that I've really got to rethink my menus :)

feeling good today. have counted my fruit & veg & just under 1400 calories & feeling stuffed :)

thanks for any feedback. shelley x

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Shelley,

I hope your first day of the 12 week plan is going ok so far. It's good that you are feeling good today and that you're feeling satisfied with the things you've eaten today.

I think the plan requires ideally counting every calorie that passes your lips - i.e. all food and drink intake, including fruits.

Eating whole fruits is healthy, and there is fibre in them and also the pectin in the fruit will delay the absorption of the fructose. I enjoy eating some strawberries and blueberries with some Greek yoghurt, as I find that is a particularly filling thing to have sometimes. Very satisfying.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)

charliesmummy in reply to Zest

thankyou for the quick reply. I was a bit in doubt as the tracker that you fill in listed the fruit at the bottom as sort of an extra. Ive been counting calories using the nhs calorie counter and fatsecret so hopefully have got the calorie bit right. I will take your advice and count everything that passes my lips :)

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to charliesmummy

Hi again,

I do think using an app to count the calories definitely helps - I use Myfitnesspal as it also logs exercise too.

I hope you have a really good first week, and hope you enjoy using the forum, it's a very friendly and supportive place.

Lowcal :-)

oh no, now Im totally confused. I thought fruit was supposed to be good for you! after reading this I will be counting fruit calories aswell :(

As a veggie who loves her vegetables, I've found that a lot of vegetables are high in cals too, and had to cut down how much veg I have, and I think that is part of where I was going wrong before. It is hard to keep to 1400 including healthy fruit and veg. I think that's why they add the track so you can make sure you're still having enough.

Well, it IS good for you but you cant wriggle out by ignoring the calories. And as has been said it's quite high in sugar. If your using fruit instead of sugary drinks and desserts then your in a better position. Your getting vitamins and minerals you otherwise might miss. Fruit is not the whole answer. A healthy balanced diet. Look at those links or try NHS choices website

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