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Why am I not loosing weight. I weighed myself 2 weeks ago and I have put on 2 kilos. I am not eating potatoes, bread, anything sweet. I am walking, and swimming 3 times this week. I am drinking water a lot. I wonder if it could be my medication Codeine and Gabepentin. It is dropping off my husband who is eating the same. Any advice would be great.

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Are your portions the same size as your husbands? If so you possibly need to be eating less than him. Could be hormones too, water retention during PMT etc. As to the medication, depends on how long you've been taking them. I take a lot of medication and the initial part of a new med may cause such a side-effect but after long-term use the effect goes away when my adjusts. I never had weight gain with codeine but I haven't had gabepentin.


Thank you for advice. I am 63 so don't have PMT or anything. Just Osteoarthritis. I do have the same portions as my husband. Maybe I need to cut out going for 3 course Sunday lunch. But you still have to enjoy yourself. I have stopped drinking g red wine too. I am thinking what is the point today.


There's every point ;) you'll feel better succeeding and the health benefits are worth it. You just need a pick-me-up!

I'd say cut your portion size down would be the first thing to try. It's a royal pain but try counting the calories you eat on a plate for 2 days, just so you get an idea of what is actually the normal portion size for a woman. Use the NHS 12-week plan guide of calorie intake per meal:

Women (allowance 1,400kcal/day)

• Breakfast: 280kcal

• Lunch: 420kcal

• Dinner: 420kcal

• Other food and drink: 280kcal

Once you've got an idea then try sticking to it for a week and see if there's been a change. You will feel hungry! Especially after swimming. Try to have your meal after swimming and make it protein/fat, it fills you more and lasts longer.

Good luck!


Thank you very much for advice. We are virtually eating the amounts you say, dinner may be a little more. Just had beans on toast - a treat, no butter as would have been the norm once. We will weigh everything.

Many thanks.


I'm on Gabapentin & Oxycodone, but managing to lose weight slowly with very little exercise. are you really counting every calorie?


Hi, we don't count every calorie but it is the codeine at present make you constipated. Just been to the market and bought cherries, straws, peaches and bananas.


Apricots very good, especially dried ones, rhubarb & plums. Spent years on Co-codamol so know all about it. glad you've got a market & can get to it.


Thank you for the advice. I have tried all sorts. We have just been out for a 3 course meal and a Gin and Tonic, thought might as well have a binge. Tomorrow is Sunday lunch day, too much food here in Spain. I have definitely lost inches as my clothes fit better now.


I am 68 and must admit to struggling to lose weight, only happens very slowly. But, found it improved when I cut my portion sizes. Maybe you nee to just eat a bit less. I see you said in another post that you eat the same as your husband so to me that suggests you are eating too much, especially if you are gaining rather than losing weight.


Thanks for the advice, I will try cutting back portion sizes. Just annoying when I have forced myself to go swimming 3 times this week and still no weight loss.

I have just had a blip and had a 3 course meal. Salad, Paella and Flan. It was nice though. Now I feel bloated.


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