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One week weigh in

So i started a week ago and today i weighed myself and i have lost 2 pounds. I hoped it would be a little more but i did have a little slip on wed. I went and bought some healthy cereal but i liked it so much i ate about half the box in one go. I find it hard to have things in the house...not really sure what to do about that coz i want to have healthy food in the house but if i like it i will eat it all :/. Anyway...a loss is a loss and im happy the scales are moving in the right direction. My plan for the week ahead is to plan the day out a little better so i dont end up feeling wobbly from lack of sugar and ending up eating the closest thing. Also to eat more healthy foods and get my healthy shake in once a day. :)

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Well done, you! 2lbs is great. Think of it as 4 packs of butter and it seems so much more. Some weeks we don't lose anything, despite our best efforts; these are the times we plug on and show 'em who's boss - and it works. Keep up the great work! :D

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wow is that how much 2 pounds would look like? That does seem quite a bit!


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