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Friday Morning Meltdown

Hello and welcome to Friday morning meltdown, I'll be your host, the INSANE woman standing at the petrol station clenching and Unclenching her fists at the Pringles.....

i had to fill up my car today and all my normal petrol station demons sauntered into my head before I even left the house.

'I'll just pick up a pack of Pringles and SMELL them'

'You've been good this week you deserve a treat'

'You didn't binge yesterday, so it's ok to have pringles'

And so it goes on. Against all these voices there's just the one shouting back 'no don't! You have so much to live foooor!!!'

The demons won. I bought Pringles.

Got back into my car and burst into tears. Drove off the forecourt, pulled into a car park near by and dumped the whole can of Pringles into a puddle.

Got back in my car, re-did my mascara and drove to work like absolutely nothing happened....

If I wasn't sharing my experiences on this site, no one would ever have known about that.

And that was 'Friday morning meltdown', join us next time for more food addicted antics around the Staffordshire moorlands....

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Wow that's willpower. You're AWESOME!


Hey hey hey now, IT ISNT the end of the world ! You've picked yourself up and got on with it............ Hope your day gets better x trierisme


Well done you!! I have to resort to only using petrol stations that have pay at pump options, so I don't even have to go inside. I end up buying things I would never even consider buyiing anywhere else.

Thanks for sharing!


Brilliant! Very well done!


Been there! I would buy a 100gm Dairy Milk chocolate bar and just have to eat it but would munch it and then spit it out. Gross! Less calories though. :)


Done that. Once bought a portion of chips, ate two or three and threw the lot in the bin. Also bought a sausage roll once, took a bite and binned the rest.


Hey, you did good, girl!


Oh wow well done!

I am lucky I rarely travel on the motor ways, but when I go over to see rels , I cannot resist a box of mollies, they are all gone by the time I get there.

Local petrol stations it's now a Boost Bar.

The only solution is to get my husband to fill up!

You threw your Pringles away! Great! cheers to you!

It's like my local co-op..... All the bargain goodies are piled in crates as soon as you enter the door..... I've taken to running in with my trolley with my eyes shut. I once got bollocked for bumping into someone! Imagine if I had to explain the rush!!

So I let my husband do the supermarket shopping if I can.


Victory! those petrol station demons had it coming to them. Hand up & waving, the lady who bought a sausage roll & threw most away - that's me with pork pies. They don't even LOOK nice!


Hi HanPanStrawberryJam!

I'm not so much of a regular here as I used to be but I've been reading through some of your posts and they have been a real eye-opener to me. I relate to so much of what you say even though I personally wouldn't class myself as a food addict!

This post in particular reminds me of so many times when I have bought food, immediately regretted it and then shoved it down so quickly as if I'm trying to hide it from myself/others or just pretending it never happened. Essentially using my own mouth as a bin. On a few occasions I have had the strength to throw it away despite the fact I have just spent money on it, but this is rare. So a massive well done on what you did!

I really think your posts are teaching a lot of us about our relationships with food so thank you so much for sharing and good luck with the rest of your journey! I'll be following it! :)


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