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Hey everyone,

So I remember posting about losing weight a while ago. It was going okay, I was going to the gym pretty much every other day, cut out some foods but then I injured my neck.

It isn't just the kind of pain you get when you sleep funny. I can honestly say this is the worst pain I've had, unable to move it for a long while. I was signed off from work and had to stop going to the gym.

So surprise surprise I've put on 5lbs in 3 months. I'm not happy about it at all. I still can't go to the gym and movement is still limited. I'm going back to work next week so I'm hoping that being a bit more active will help me to start losing weight again.

Any ideas on exercises I can do at home to keep me active while my neck heals. Can't do anything too "heavy"



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I injured my neck last yr when I was about to start my journey. It was a big struggle to find exercise I could manage. My physio said I could swim but only on my back so I didn't put any extra pressure on my neck. What I did was get myself a float and hold it under my back while I just swam with my legs. Eventually I was able to use my arms a bit. My neck was very slow to recover but I started yoga in March being very careful not to do the neck stretches at first but now as I've built up strength in my back and improved flexibility my neck is close to 100% again. So just try the gentle exercises and slowly build on it at your own pace.


I haven't tried swimming. That's a good idea. Maybe I should give that a go. Thank you ☺


Hi ,I too injured my neck at the gym . I've rested it for a week & went back to aquafit on Thursday . I must say I was very gentle with it . It's still hurting whilst I sleep & also when I'm doing chores . I try to be very careful with it by always being aware of it. I have arthiritis in my lumbar & cervical spine . I spoke to 1 of the gym instructors as he was passing by me yesterday & we both agreed no gym for a while as I said to him 'no pain no gain . He replied "no way there's pain you get from muscles when working out but not bloody whiplash 😂😂 ..also he suggested that I keep trying to relax my shoulders all the time ,so I'm becoming more aware of this . I totally understand you ,it's so frustrating when you feel you can't do right for doing wrong !!! Try just to exercise in water for now 😊👍


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