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Day 1 and diabetic low

Hi All

I've just started the 12-week weight loss plan. I have a BMI of 26.4, at 5ft 2" and weighing 10st 4lbs. So far today I've stuck to the plan and I'm on target to be just under the 1400cal limit. However, my glucose levels are running on the low side. My glucose control is very good so this unnerves me for during the night. I get full warning signs, thankfully! Anybody else with type 1 diabetes found this happens during week 1? Hoping my body will adapt to lower calorie intake quickly before I up my activity levels, which is mainly walking the dogs for 1-2.5h day.

Aside from that, I'm excited to get back into the healthy BMI range!


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Yes. I had to adjust my insulin levels slightly, because I ended up having a couple of lows in the middle of the night and had to have something to eat to raise them again. But by the second week I was back in control. I did test my blood every couple of hours for a few days just to make sure I was going to be alright. I think that now my body is now rather liking the healthy food its getting and I feel brilliant. If you've got any worries give your diabetes nurse a ring. I don't know what they are like in your area but they are brilliant here and always ready to talk or make an appointment and can even refer you back to the diabetes dietician. Take care.


Hi linggirl thanks for your reply.

I was at my follow-up on Tuesday, hence knowing my BMI is up, and my HbA1c was perfect at 48 mmo/mol. I'm always around 48 mmol/mol (6.5 % old style), which is where a diabetic is regarded as safe to be to reduce chance of hypos. I find if I go lower I do get hypos, so I'm happy where I am with that. But... I never test my blood levels! I go by feel and watch what I eat sugar wise. I don't really crave sweets or cakes. I'm just a nutter for bread and sandwiches are my downfall.

Anyway, I think you're right and I'm going to have to bite the bullet and test often for the next week or so until I manage the long-acting dose down safely. I did take less long-acting this morning but I was probably overly cautious and didn''t drop it enough. Hey-ho, here I come scabby fingers!


I take my long lasting dose at night because otherwise I use to have high bloods in the morning. It was the long lasting that dose i had to adjust diwnwards.Good luck.


I take mine on a morning and let them go up a bit during the night, they don't (or never did) peak high, they used to sit around 7-8 on a morning. I used to go hypo during the night and then high in the evening the other way around. Will see what my records show at the end of the week.

Time for bed!


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