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Mid week update

I'm feeling pretty good on the food front :) I've been under my calorie goal everyday this week and we just bought the hairy dieters cook books to get inspired by some new low cal recipes, on the whole they look yummy!

The big thing this week has been happiness. I've been talking about my weight openly, I told my other half how much I weigh for the first time and we had a bit of a heart to heart about the changes we need to make (hence the cookbooks). Im feeling happy, relaxed and comfortable about my healthy eating for the first time in 6 weeks and I don't feel hungry or deprived.

There's a switching point with any long term plan where you stop having to think hard about healthy eating and it just becomes normal, I'm at that stage now and I have to say it feels wonderful to not be thinking about food all the time for probably the first time in my life :)

I know I'll never have a fully reliably healthy relationship with food, but for the first time I feel in control of my cravings and able to recognise and control the impulse to eat :)

I feel like somehow the trigger foods are 'out of my system' and I'm not really craving them too hard at the moment. We're cooking everything from scratch and I'm avoiding anything heavily processed or altered, and I'm loving replacing tea with sugar for green tea and lemon :)

My energy levels are better, I'm more active, more positive and actually feeling really really good :)

Yay :)

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Hi HanPanStrawberryJam,

I enjoyed reading your very positive post - it's great that you are more active, more positive, and feeling really good, and that you are experiencing improved energy levels. Enjoy your new recipe book - it's always fun trying out healthy recipes.

Wishing you another great week.

Lowcal :-)


Very motivational - thank you! I have all 3 of the Hairy Dieters book (currently out on loan to friends)! You do still need to watch portion sizes though - if the recipe is for 4 then divide the meal into 4! I'll have 1 portion today, 1 tomorrow and freeze 2 (I'm on my own now). Eventually my freezer is full of containers with a meal in it! (I don't label them though so when in my freezer emptying weeks dinner is always a surprise!!!)


I agree, what a great positive post. It's great that you are being open with the people around you in the same way that you are on here. I have been very reluctant to admit to my bf how much weight I had really put on, but am starting to admit this now, and he can now see how hard I'm trying and how much this change means to me. Here's to honesty :)


Ditto ditto ditto...


Marvellous post, HanPan - so pleased it's going well for you. Here's to your (our) future :D


You sound very positive, and it's good news that you feel so much better. I bought the Hairy Dieters book and I love the skinny lasagne! Keep up the good work and enjoy all the new recipes.


What a wonderful positive post. Sometimes it is really good to share. It is like another weight has been lifted from your mind . Keep at it! My mum's doctor actually recommended the hairy dieters book to her, he'd bought a copy for himself, so good chouce


That is good to hear, keep going with the good work HanPanStrawberryJam!


Scrummy words!!

Well done YOU! 🎉


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