Reaching goals!

Hey guys, hope you are all doing well!

I just wanted to share my progress with you. On January 1st this year I weighed 12st 3lb and didn't fit in the 'once size fits all' bridesnaid dress for my brothers wedding (I'm only 5ft 2 so I looked like a hippo in the dress).

My original aim was to lose 1st by March and I'd be happy. I lost that stone abc decided to keep to my new lifestyle. (I cut out cheese and began to run). 6 months on I now weigh exactly 9stone 13lb! I am so happy and so excited!

So I just wanted to share that if I (miss unmotivated most of the time) can do it, then you guys can too! Don't get me wrong, I still go on nights out and eat ridiculous amounts of hangover food, I just make sure I go on an extra run than week-it really works!

So thanks guys, I couldn't do it without your motivational messages on here, they mean the world!



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16 Replies

  • Morning Katee! Congratulations! I am so pleased for you and can just imagine what it feels like. We are all going to feel like that someday if we have the same attitude as you. Looking forward to that! Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Thank you! You are indeed- I never thought I'd get to this weight but turns out we can all reach our goals over time! x

  • Very well done. It's so difficult when you're short (I'm 1/2 inch taller than you), one bad day shows up immediately on the waist and the scales! You have achieved so much & you now have the summer to enjoy wearing all those lovely summer dresses. Keep up all the good work & enjoy the new you.

  • Thank you! That was exactly my problem too Jenever, everything we eat is obvious when youre our height! I shall do indeed- you too!

  • Hey thanks, that really helps - I'm also short, well shortish at 5'4", but I understand that 12st something (where I started too) may look okay on taller folk but doesn't work so well for us shorter ones... I'm aiming for 10st7 (the very top end of my 'healthy' bmi - but a weight I know I'm comfortable to be). It's slow progress but really encouraging to hear from people who got to the other end! Keep up the good work! And careful with those hangovers :)

  • Hey, no worries at all. Exactly, 12stone on those who are a bit taller doesnt look like much but when you're our height that can sometimes not be the case. 10stone 7 is a great aim and to be honest, the scale isnt that important, its how you feel in yourself. As long as you are happy and comfortable thats all that matters!

    Thank you, I will be! :)

  • It's all about comfortable for me. I want to just be back into my size 12s. I know when I was 10st7 I fitted into the other three quarters of my wardrobe which currently hangs there looking sad and unworn. I keep re-trying things, tentatively, until they start to fit again. If this happens before I reach 10st7 I'll be just as pleased as seeing those numbers on the scales! I hear that maintaining is the next challenge after we reach our goals - it sounds like you're totally on top of that - a life change, basically?

  • Thats such a good aim :) Thats exactly what is was for me, I just wanted to be comfortable. I would say keep trying them on, as when they soon fit you, it will make your day! As soon as I dropped my goal of 1st I stopped weighing myself all the time and went on how my clothes felt as I wasnt bothered about the number really. I just kept not eating cheese and running, and then its slowly come off! What ive learned is the smallest life changes have the biggest impact. Im sure you will be back wearing all your clothes again soon :)

  • I'm also not eating cheese and running and it seems to be working - maybe this is the answer I've been looking for all along? I think it was small things that made me put the weight on, so it makes sense that small things will help it come off again, but I need to really keep to them is all! I will definitely be letting people know when I'm back into those size 12s. Hopefully by late July or August...

  • It must work if its working for both of us- I hate the fact cheese is so fattening when it tastes so good!

    Im sure you will by then- Good Luck!

  • Thanks, you too, keep up the good work :)

  • Hi Katee,

    Congratulations on your weight loss to date. Sounds like you're enjoying those runs, and you're making great progress.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That is fantastic just the sort of weight I would love to be. Well done you, it just shows how good this plan and forum are. Thanks for sharing this news it really spurs me on. Xxxx

  • Exactly the same height and I used to be around 11st 3lb (over 4 year ago now) and now I hover around 10 st. Really want to get down to 9 st and I find it really hard to shift weight being small (height wise) already. So well done you for getting the weight off! Enjoy the new you and keep at it! I'm hoping I can have a similar result and finally get to my target weight.

  • Hey guys

    I can so relate to you all, I too am 5ft 3inch and in January this year I had got to 11st 5.5, and all my clothes too small. I started the 12 week plan on New Years Day, and lost 5lb in January so was well pleased. But I had really bad new that my best friends breast cancer had spread to her brain ( it was already in her liver) and was devastated to say the least. I too am a breast cancer survivor, and this sent me off the rails big time and I couldn't see the point in the plan. However, it turned out it was a mis diagnosis by a doctor and they later told her it hadn't, talk about a roller coaster.

    It has taken me a while to get back on track, but I have done and now weigh 10st 3lb and am slowly but steadily losing the pounds. My target it about 9st 10lb as this is a comfy size 12 for me.

    I haven't counted calories at all, just cut out all the rubbish I was eating and got some really healthy habits, more fruit and veg and less processed food, and I walk to work and back-around an hour a day. I know it's got to be a lifestyle change, and this is something I feel I can maintain.

    Well done to you all and keep it up, everyone's messages keep me going.

    Debs xx

  • Firstly well done and your post certainly inspired me as I am 5ft 2

    Starting weight 10stone 11

    Now 10stone 2

    You've done so brilliantly...

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