Exercise is the key for me

I am 65 . At the moment I am fit and as a result I am managing to exercise.

There are lots of people here who have varying degrees of health issues who are finding they cannot exercise much. I can empathise with this a little .

Three years ago I was limping around with a stick for months after getting planter fashyitus ( I can't spell that, but it's a pulled muscle in the sole of the foot) It happened while speed walking. I won't be doing that again.

Two years ago I was due for a knee operation . The consultant said I needed it. But I cancelled it as I had been increasing my walks and it was feeling ok again.

During this period I was already over weight and I put more weight on.

But then I wasn't eating healthily either.

Fortunately I enjoy swimming and my current success has been due to regular 45 minute swims.

My health issues have been muscular and have probably been helped by being determined to find the time to swim. And also as I was told my cholesterol was high at my last health check. That got me thinking.

I feel sorry for those people here who have major health issues which are debilitating enough to stop them being able to exercise . I hope they can find a way maybe to make some kind of effort to make a start, I have been lucky as swimming takes the weight off my feet and knees.

I have also been encouraged by this community. Thank you.


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  • I agree wholeheartedly. Just dieting/eating get healthily has never worked for me. But, I am able to exercise and wither walk or cycle most days. That works and I enjoy it. My foot was posted, aye get up recently and it may have been a similar complaints to? So I rotate walking get new cycling to ease it . Best wishes to everyone out there.

  • I am 67 but my problems are skeletal, I'm now on the way to being the bionic woman. my only exercise is short slow walks, but on diet alone i have lost 10lbs. I would love to go swimming, which my consultant has recommended but since I struggle to get dressed on my own this isn't an option yet.

    I'm glad you are doing so well. i had a bout of plantar fasciitis whilst on holiday in Australia a few years ago. Nothing to do with speed walking, but oh so painful so i sympathise.

    good luck & keep going!

  • Thanks for your encouragement. 10 lbs loss is great especially on a diet alone! Well done , I hope you manage to get to your ideal weight.


  • Thanks & you too.

  • Agreed. Exercise plus eating sensibly, not for comfort, works for me. I put on weight when I'm either unhappy and so comfort eat or I am too busy to exercise. But I have a family member who has a lot of illnesses and it makes it hard for her to exercise. It's really difficult to lose weight (and keep it off) by diet alone, especially if you have a lot to lose. I wish I had a solution for her.

    I think there are lots of reasons why dieting is much more difficult for some bodies than others. For example, sleep apnoea, hormonal imbalances all make the task harder, not to mention depression, low income, young children. What is a solution for one person isn't necessarily a solution for another. What I really like about this forum is that there is an understanding of and tolerance of this. No one is judgmental or assumes that everyone else's experience is like theirs.

  • Well said!

  • I think the key to exercise is finding the right exercise for you. I can not do gym or running, I have very tight muscles in my lower back that Im in agony when I stand for more than 10mins.(Its hard to do the washing up without leaning on something). I do ride a bike tho. My legs are getting stronger, and Ive started to lose the weight with a calorie controlled diet, eating no processed foods. I started at the beginning of April and now ride the course with easy where as when I started I struggled to get round. I ride in the open fresh air out of the way of traffic. Have a lovely group of people to ride with. I have gone from struggling with 3.4 miles per week to 24 miles this week and loving it. I still need to get my back to stretch but Im definately more fitter than I was. Not everyone is built to jog, walk, ride, swim,dance but there are always alternatives to exercise classes even if its hand movements in your chair.

  • That is fantastic success with your cycle rides. 24 miles! Wow!

    Well done with the diet too!


  • All the sentiments in the thread are so spot on. Even for those of us who are able to exercise, there can be barriers to exercising as much as we want, or people get injuries, or as Popgoes points out we may not always be as active as we are now. There is support on this forum for everyone if you search hard enough, and if there isn't you just post and people come up with the most amazing suggestions :)

  • Thanks for this - I am 61 and finding it more and more difficult to motivate myself to exercise but feel inspired with this from you - so will dust off the gear and myself.

  • Welcome Munster Maid! Let's get up and go!


  • Thank you for your inspiration re the exercise,I have had knee pain and not very energetic,but due to lazy attitude to exercise,not ill health,my cholesterol was also a bit high but my GP suggested healthy diet and exercise is the answer for me ,this site is now helping me also tremendously,already working,but as you say we have to put in the work if we are able too. Thank you

  • I agree! Trying to lose weight without increasing activity is hopeless. I became disabled 3 years ago and had to have the front half of both feet amputated. Can't walk much now. Only exercise I can do is Aquafit as the water helps relieve the pressure. Also seated exercises are helpful. (you can find them on you tube).

  • All the best guys on your healthy journey and finding time out to exercise in some way.

    Well done Irenew ,this is the place to be!


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