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having a fat and rubbish feeling kinda day

I shy away from facing reality rather a lot. So this forum and the NHS guidelines are good at keeping me on a narrower road than I naturally tread.

Trouble is, when you weigh yourself and see that despite what feels like monumental effort the loss is only 1lb, you feel like jacking it in and eating a tray of flap jack.

Well I do. I do today. I won't. But I want to.

I am on day 71 of my own journey and today downloaded week 1 of the NHS 12 week plan. I filled in my chart, even measuring my waist and that is what has knocked me down. I wanted to be slimmer than I am.

I wanted to feel that I have nearly done it rather than am maybe only half way in on the 'loss bit' whilst just beginning the 'life bit'...

Can't afford, at 43, to be a Yo-Yo any more.

Some days are tougher than others aren't they!

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In week 3 of the nhs plan there's a list of suggested non-food rewards which I think is a really good idea. Maybe as opposed to rewards you might want to make a list of non-food comforts. Last night instead of snacking after dinner I kept my hands busy sewing fun sequins onto a summer blouse. It's a long white cotton blouse that I wear a lot in the summer, but can feel a bit frumpy and a bit of a cover-up for weight I've yet to lose. But now it's got sparkles on it, which I absolutely love. I'm thinking of ordering a load more sequins now as it was a really good way to avoid snacking and they're easy to sew on. Maybe have a think of your own alternatives to that tray of flapjacks, things that you can busy yourself with, while also making yourself feel better. It is a bit of a waiting game as the weight just does come off slowly, but that's no reason to delay feeling good until you reach the end goal. Hope that helps :)


Dear Ruth-Canal-Runner

Thank you for that! I have only downloaded week one and two so far, so have not seen the various tips in subsequent weeks. I do practice alternatives treats, like a hot bath and cup of tea... tonight it will be a 5k run; not that I particularly WANT to go for a run at the moment, but the after glow makes it worth the effort.

It is also a good feeling to wake up after a bad day, knowing I did not 'cave in'.

Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you! x


Same here. I'm so glad I didn't cave in and have a glass (or two) of red wine last night - and probably the usual chocolate to accompany it! I have a sparkly shirt instead, yay :) And I'm also going for a run tonight, so will think of you! Mine will be closer to 4k than 5k, but that's what's working for me at the moment. I'll have a hot bath and tea after my run too - they go together don't they? It is a day by day thing isn't it. Lots of luck and keep going :)

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How was your run?

Mine was pretty sweaty but by golly the bath and mug of tea were good!

Here's to keeping going when it gets pretty tough :)


I only went for a walk last night in the end but have just now done quite a satisfying, if not particularly fast, 3.8 k run up the canal and back :) ditto to keeping going, pushing through, and in the meantime not beating ourselves up about it!

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well done you :)

speed is not the important thing. I have read a book by a marathon runner who nearly always comes last!

My 5k seems to be getting slower!

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Well after doing the couch to 5k I'm very much aware that 30mins running is 30mins more than I was ever doing before. Going slower - is that maybe heat related? I wouldn't worry!



I totally get the eat a tray of flap jacks thing.... or a whole bag of haribo starmix! etc etc... and more than one occasion before the NHS plan I did! My weight loss has been so slow, 6lbs in 4 weeks but I just kept thinking its all going in the right direction. Slower the weight loss the greater the change. You are making a life change and that takes time but the decisions you make now are going to stick with you and when you write that 1 lb loss down for each week you'll soon see it mount up - that's 1 stone 10lbs in 6 Months! Some weeks you'll try so hard and only see a slight change and other weeks you dont try as hard but get a nice surprise. Just remember everybody's different and this plan is as much about you changing your lifestyle as it is about learning how your body responds to change and what really works for you.

But keep motivated, it's YOU who's decided to change and YOU who's working towards a healthy goal so pat yourself on the back! Go you for taking the intiative!

We can't get away from this being bloody hard work but embrace it, if any one can do it you can!!

Good Luck!!


Yes you are so right. It is bloody hard work!

I have to work against my mindset that is disappointed I let myself go...

It can be very counter productive to look at photos from only two years ago and think, my Gosh girl... How on EARTH did you pile on three stone in two years...

Little steps that are permanent steps :)


Just remember how you were and felt before you started losing the weight. It's never JUST one lb ! Would you be bothered if you put JUST 1lb on? Course you would!

How long did it take you to put on the extra weight? It might take a bit of time to get it off but it is to be expected. You've got to feel positive and be happy that you are now losing the weight. 1lb a week means you are going to be so much slimmer by Christmas. Keep in touch with us especially on those tough days. :)

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Eeek1110 you are a darling and my inner voice :)

Thank you xx

p.s. I am quite sure I only have to look at cheese for it to morph into my behind!


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