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Week 3 weigh in

Hi everyone. Got on the scales this morning and didn't expect to lose that much but lost another 2lbs. Can't believe it so pleased. This is the lightest I have been in years. Break up from work in 5 weeks and I am hoping my clothes last that long really don't want to buy any before then. Its hard to believe that losing 6lbs makes that much difference to your clothes. I have done nothing but recommend this eating plan to anyone who will listen and especially raved about the support you get on here. Thanks everyone. Hope everyone else has had a good week. x

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That's great news! If you had put the 6lbs on then you would have noticed the difference so why not when you are losing it? Buying new clothes will be a nice treat for you......... better than chocolate! :)


Never thought of it like that thank you. I have the summer off so I am hoping that when we go back to work in September people will definitely notice a difference. I already feel more confident its just ridiculous. Wish I had found with plan and forum years ago.


Excellent result well done x


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