Starting week 4, what I've learned so far

Going into week 4, and I've lost 6lb so far on the NHS plan. Here are some of the things I've learned so far. Please feel free to share things you've learned too!

There's a surprising amount of calories in coffee once you add milk, soya milk, whatever, so I'm limiting myself to 2 a day.

Having lots of different vegetables with a meal might seem healthy, but even vegetables can add unnecessary calories, as some vegetables have more calories than others, so if you're having a medley keep quantities of each low

Once you've got in the habit of buying nice rocket, radishes, red peppers, cucumbers, grapes etc, making a fresh salad for lunch everyday is really easy

The standard tablespoon of olive oil I used to start every meal with was 135 cals. I've replaced this with 'fry light' 1 cal/spray for most meals instead

Exercise days are hungry days, so a few extra calories are okay but I'm cautious not to go majorly over

Liquorice tea is sweet but only 6 cals, great alternative to coffee throughout the day

Snacks are allowed if you're careful, so I distribute them evenly throughout the day.

There are nice pub drinks that look like the alcoholic version so no one has to know, such as a Virgin Mary or a tonic water with slice of lime. Even having alternate alcoholic/ non alcoholic drinks helps.

Myfitnesspal has lots of weird and possibly incorrect things on there. It's worth taking the time to carefully enter exactly what you eat.

All the time I'm thinking things like - I used to have loads of cheese with that - I used to pour honey over that - I used to have seconds - I used to always have a red wine with that sort of meal. These thoughts all remind me of good changes I'm making, changes in the way I'm thinking, even if I'm doing a few of those things sometimes still, but I feel like I'm doing them less, surprising even myself :)


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6 Replies

  • Thanks for your thoughts. My biggest change has been realising how big a portion should really be!

    Plus the fact that if I eat sensibly.I can still have the odd delicious bag of crisps.

    And this is the big shock- at the advanced age of fifty I've actually began to enjoy exercise, thank you couch to 5k.

  • Yeah, the enjoyment aspects have been a pleasant surprise. Treats are okay, in moderation, and exercise can be enjoyable, things we're told all the time, but don't really find out til we put them into practice :)

  • I am just starting week 4 and have also lost 6lbs!!! A pat on the back for us. I have gone a bit extreme by dropping my milk and sugar from my coffee, the next step is going to decaf coffee. Although milk in my coffee was starting to make me feel ill so dropping it was a necessity. At home I drink more water than anything else. You have actually summed everything up in your post of how this plan makes you see food differently. I love a salad for work and fruit and veg for tea although it was a beef roll tonight. Some days I actually wonder what to eat because my calorie in take is too low and I feel full. I am so lucky because I have a strong will power. I am getting more concerned now with what will happen when I reach the right weight for me (a bit of a way off yet I'm afraid to say). Good luck for week 4.

  • I don't think you need to worry! I don't think we ever lose the knowledge of how we put on weight in the first place, if we ever needed to do that again! There are plenty of fattening foods that can fit in our smaller tums... Good luck for week 4 too :)

  • It's great this NHS plan, it really does teach you about healthy eating doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your experience, it's very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks, happy to share, looking forward to looking back at my progress after the 12 weeks finish

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