Lemon meringue for breakfast!:(

Night shift got the better of me...I had 2 HUGE pieces of lemon meringue for breakfast.

I'm so disappointed as I did so well over night and then blew if when I got home. I guess I should look on the bright side...there is more left! In the past I would have finished the whole lot! So having a good sleep today and trying again tonight.

Have a good day everyone :)


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18 Replies

  • This post made us laugh!! We would have eaten it all too!

    Do you work in a bakery? Just wondered where it came from??

  • Just count it in . Think of that pie as 'tea' and when you wake up, have a nutritional, high protein breakfast

  • Don't worry about it. it's done. And you only had two pieces instead of the whole lot so you did ok. Give the rest away or in the bin and start fresh. You will be ok.

  • Maybe you should try not buying that type of food if you know that your resolve to make healthier choices is weak when you're tired. You can't eat what's not there.

  • Start again tomorrow no biggi xx

  • That made me smile, I'd of eaten it all too!!

    You might be pleasantly surprised when you get on the scales - I was last week after being talked into drinking coffee & eating cakes!

    Start again today :-)

  • If you are thinking of it as breakfast, yes it will be fairly high calorie and folks of various persuasions will tut about carbs or fat or fibre or sugar, but you're not really off your path.

    I find the 'cake as breakfast' quite a good strategy (it's better than as an extra) - I was given some really interesting leftovers recently: gin and tonic cake, and cardamom yoghurt with fruit. So I warmed the cake a little and had the yoghurt on top. Bit of a guesstimate in terms of calories but it all worked out. I enjoyed new flavours, was satisfied until lunchtime and felt as though I'd had a real treat.

  • I must look for a recipe for gin and tonic cake!

  • No you shouldnt lol. Cake on your diet is a no no.

  • Try not to worry about it.

    These things happen.

    Despite all my recent walking, I succumbed badly for the last two days and, when added up, have more than exceeded my calorie limit 😞

    This morning, I deliberately had a larger breakfast to start my day and will carefully manage everything else from here on in.

    These little bumps along the way are natural so try not to be too worried.


  • I work 2 weeks night's/2weeks day's and sometime find it difficult to maintain a health diet. Especially on nights just want to eat quick and get some sleep. Any ideas or tips would be appricated. Do you think it's harder to loose weight working shifts?

  • Life can be very difficult when you are a night worker, it plays havoc with your system. Cake for breakfast won't do you any harm as a one off, in fact it might even do you good to call it a treat every now and then. I have worked permanent nights for many years now and know the pitfalls well, see it as been and gone and just start anew. Best of luck to you on this difficult but wonderful journey.

  • Hi, you have had it so do not dwell on it, put the rest in the bin!! Honestly I also would have had the lot 😈!!. Once awake hope you feel positive about the choice you made, you had two bits instead of all of it.

    Be nice to self and have a good week.


  • Hi, I have had a good breakfast of grapefruit, kippers, grilled tomatoes and wholemeal toast, and yet, I am feeling a sugar craving and am fighting the urge to eat the lemon cheesecake in the fridge. You are not alone with these urges and you know what? The sugar craving is probably because you were tired. Don't feel bad about it, we have all done it

  • If it makes you feel any better I was awful yesterday I ate 3 pieces of pecan and caramel fresh cream filled meringue. Then later 2 wafer filled biscuits. Today I am planning on being better controlled. We all have these slip ups, but you will do better today. I do my best and take it one day at a time. Sounds like your job might be stressful and that never helps.

  • I've started looking at my average calorie intake over a week, it's given me lots of insights.

  • Thank you every one. It makes such a difference having all these positive feedback and support.

    I ended up giving my husband orders to remove the lemon meringue from the fridge (didnt care if he eat it or threw it in the bin!) before I get home from work in the morning. Dont want to have to ressist the temptation when Im tired cause I think I will fail.

    Working nights is really hard but I try not to eat to much at work as I battle to stop once Ive started. If I dont have anything but fluids (coffee/milo) I generally dont have to eat. I have been avoiding the staff tea room as there is always treats there. Seems to be working.

    Bring on week 4!

  • Don't feel like the Lone Ranger honey, everyone does this type of thing every now and then. But guess what tomorrow's another day and you just go from there. Chin up.

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