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2.8lbs Lighter!

I've had a great week so far! It's getting easier I must say! Eating apples for snacks is not what I thought of it about a week ago.

I'm happy. I have a goal weight but at this point I don't mind not losing any at all since I feel great! Eating healthy and doing daily exercise makes me feel like a different person. A better me. I know I'm not going to end this. It feels too amazing.

I've been doing 30 minutes of kick boxing cardio everyday, 30 sit ups and if I have enough energy I go for a 10 minute fun belly workout! No gym, just YouTube on my telly.

For my meals I eat either 2 boiled eggs and two brown whole meal bread for breakfast. I will have fruits whenever I feel a bit peckish. For lunch I normally just have a peanut butter and banana sandwich (brown whole meal bread). Dinner I normally have chicken and a bunch of veggies. I put chicken on top of lettuce, put some shredded carrots on top of it and it taste so good! Oh and also brown rice!

I drink a lot of water aswell.

No take aways at all or cheat days since it feels like I'm only cheating myself.

I did have a low calorie popcorn for movie night with the family but that's it really.

I'm also taking Womans vitamins just for my general health.

Thanks for every one that's spoken to me and told me some great tips.

I'm not a pro and calorie counting but I'm just learning as I move along in this new world!

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Hi Jonadette,

Congratuations on being 2.8 pounds lighter - that's really great. You are sounding happy and positive, and I've enjoyed reading your post.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Well done Jonadette on your weight loss but more importantly your new healthy eating and exercise plan. I think the way you're eating now is the best way to go when you have a lot of weight to get off as both you and I do. Two things I would suggest you think about for the future are,

1) Choose a couple of alternative meal options, so that you don't get to tired of what you are eating in time.

2) If there are occasions when you go out where you might be tempted or you will not be able to get what you normally would have at home. Think about what you could have as a fairly healthy treat or alternative. For me this might be a scone with no jam or butter or a panni with a healthy filling.

I have found that by thinking ahead I am not caught out so therefore still feel in control of my eating, for me this is important.

I know this is early days for you but with your positive attitude I am sure you will succeed.

Ros1 xx


Well done! Sounds like a positive and sensible approach is working, keep it up x


Well done:)


Well done! You have reminded me that I need to drinks more water! Thanks!


We can never have too much good news! :D


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