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Week 23


Hi everyone, well this week has been good as far as exercise goes. I have stayed active all week long from skating to bike riding, walking and gym and running around the supermarkets and have lost 2 lbs this week bringing my total weight lost to 54 lbs :-) I am happy with this result.

I am only 2 lbs away from reaching 4 stones and that is what I am aiming for this coming week. The brand new gym opens on Monday so that is definitely something I am looking forward to and it is literally on my door step. I am so lucky and cant wait.

My current percentage of weigh lost is 23 % and I am proud of that number and that is the only number that I can't wait to increase and I can also shop in any shop for my bra's now as I went from a 42" down to a 36" and my waist was 42" 2 weeks ago and today it is 37" so great changes are being made in my body and even if I lose a small amount on the scale I can see and feel the difference all over.

I am so happy that I started this journey 23 weeks ago and believed in myself and found the strength from within to get me to where I am today and on my way to becoming the person I once was and shop in the size 10 department :-)

Wishes can come true and I am making my wish a reality.

I hope that everyone on their continued journey have a good result too best of luck x

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What a fabulously uplifting post to see as soon as I pop on here 🌟

Thank you for sharing and brilliantly well done!

trafford1 in reply to K1972

Thank you K1972 your comments are lovely and very much well received x

WOW Well done,you are an inspiration to us all,could I please borrow a piece of your determination x👌

trafford1 in reply to mandyflatt

Love that mandyflatt made me laugh. I would love to share it with you hun. Thank you x see my previous post sunny dayz :-)

Hi Trafford 1,

Congratulations on another good week, I am going to up the exercise this week, went swimming yesterday and plan a 45 min walk into town today. Have a friends BBQ this evening but plan to stay on track.

Have a good week and look forward to hearing you have achieved your next goal.


trafford1 in reply to flossie358

Thank you flossie, increasing your exercise will make a difference and well done going swimming I hope you enjoyed it. I love walking to every chance I get to not take the car I walk. Like now I walk the kids to sch and back then after work I drop the car off at home then walk to sch to collect them. It all adds up, every little thing so you go for it. I hope to achieve my next goal next weigh in and I am feeling very positive that I will. Have a great week hun x

Well done! onwards and downwards!

Thank you :-)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Trafford1,

Congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week, and for losing 23% of your body weight in total - that is amazing!!!

You sound so positive and motivated, and it's great to hear how much you've enjoyed all that activity (skating, bike riding, gym and running round supermarkets) - I hope you enjoy the new gym when it opens on Monday, and that it'll be really good. Great that it's on your doorstep - very handy!

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

trafford1 in reply to Zest

Hi Lowcal, I am positive and motivated as always. Love this new lifestyle and it has also benefited my children having a fit and active mum and they are really proud of what I have achieved so far. It's really cool. Now at 13 st 4 lbs I am well on my way to reaching my next goal of s 4 st loss and nearing the end of the 13's so I am in a good place right now on this journey.

Thank you for all your support Lowcal and good luck at your next weigh in hun x

sueper5 stone

Well done Trafford on this weeks loss and your overall loss, you are making fantastic progress :)

trafford1 in reply to sueper

Hi sueper, thank you I saw your post about the % of weight lost and looked mine up and happy with the results. This journey has been amazing and I plan to continue for the rest of my life as I want to continue to be happy and healthy. Have a great week and thank you again x


So pleased for you, Traff. It's people like you - further along the line than us Newbies - that help keep us on track X :D X

That is so nice of you to say, thank you :-) I wish everybody the very best on their journeys and all the successes I have had. It's comments like yours that make this all worth while too :-) have a lovely week x

You are doing so well, hope you hit this weeks target.

trafford1 in reply to Mello17

Hi Mello17, I hope so too. I have been working so hard this week and gone above and beyond even attending the new gym at 6:30 each morning before work and then ride my bike after work plus all the walking I do daily should help me to achieve this target. I am very positive that I will hit the 4 stone mark this week. Thank you for your support Mello and hope you have a great week too.

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