I have just realised that all week I have been doing up my bra on the first lot of hooks not the second! That's got to be good hasn't it?The only problem is that when I lose more weight (notice I said 'when' not 'if') it will cost me a fortune to buy new bras!

I think I might start wearing the old ones as unusual hats, since I can fit my head in one of the cups!


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  • Brilliant! I use extenders on some bra and am using one hook less too :) There is one advantage to needing the extenders I won't have to buy bras so soon ;)

    How much are you going to love shopping for those smaller bras when you DO lose more weight?!

  • Hi Sueper, extenders are the way , that,s how i,ve solved the problem too ☺

  • Hi all bra s should be done up on the first hooks . Then as the material gives you should tighten

    you get a longer life out of your bra .that way . I have lost 3 1/2 stone so am buying smaller although my cup sizes hasn't changed . Just the underhand size.keep up the good work . You can do it .

  • When I said the first hooks I meant the ones closer to the cups, not the ones at the end.

  • Talking Bras ladies I have lost 2 stones and I'm 42 years old! My boobs now are saggy I hate them they don't sit right in my braspare anymore! Has any one else experience the same or got any advice? ????? 😕

  • Nip into M&s they will do a measure and reccomend a style. mine too are saggy as you an see had just run a 10 k and had forgot to adjust the straps! You need the back to sit level not ride up and the strap adjusted to lift if you are over a certain age, 😊and the cup not overflowing, at the top or sides but full

  • I think you usually need to make an appointment for a bra fitting at M&S these days, but I'd definitely recommend it too.

  • Thanks for your help and advice! Well done for weight loss and 10k! I have been for bra fitting at Debenhams it took them 2 and a half hours to find me a bra just a pain one. don't ever think I could wear a nice lace one as my boobs don't look nice in them any more they have lost there fullness I feel so depressed about them!

  • Try Bravissimo, either the shops or online, if you have a biggish cup size but an ordinary back under bra measurement.

  • Thank you i will x

  • Yep...afraid so. Mine were always in quite good shape, but I lost 2st and dropped 2 cup sizes....bit floppy now but then Im post menopausal which in itself changes things Im afraid. Still happy to be slimmer though 😀

  • How do I cope with it? You seen to cope very well

  • You mean cope with the boob changes? I 'm now a size 34DD, I got a specialist fitting . I dont like padding, so the balconette style suits me best, they're still pretty but offer good side support, immediately more slimming. Ok, so a good bra sets you back £40 + , but I just bought black, white, nude colour which suits everything.

  • I find that my boobs sit saggy in any bra I tire! What I mean is my boobs sit at the bottom of the cup nothing at the top of cup dose that happen to u? I'm a 34c

  • Yes exactly that happens if I wear an old one that is 34E... its now too big in the upper cup. If you are wearing 34C , its worth also experimenting with a 32D , 34B .. .different styles, different sizes.

  • I love the thought of wearing a bra on your head. Much better for a couples, perhaps??!! However, I can confirm that losing a fair amount of weight will cost a fortune. I have never worn a bra but I did have to buy a complete wardrobe when I lost 3 stone early last year. Mind you, a year later, I am still wearing the same clothes and feel better (??and look better???) for the weight loss and not having to worry when I go for blood tests!! There are lots of benefits but you have to keep working at it. Not in a hard way but in maintaining a lifestyle that has biscuits, cakes and sweets as a treat and eats wisely although not religiously. I still eat chips, red meat, Indian and Chinese food and do not go without a beer or a wine. It's not bad and I weigh in each week and so far, am maintaining my weight. I walk a fair bit but I enjoy that am lucky enough to be able to do it. Go for it girls. burn your bras!!!!

  • Well done for maintaining your weight. Secretly I am actually quite looking forward to splashing the cash and buying some new clothes!

  • I lost 20kgs and still going down. My dress size hasn't changed - I have occasionally tried the size down but it doesn't really work. But my bra size has.

    One of the first things I did though when I decided to make a serious effort to lose weight, was to go and get fitted for new bras. The bras I was offered were not what I would have chosen but dressed I looked much better straight away and was more comfortable - it really was an important element in getting started and achieving my weight loss goal. I do have a bit of a bra buying habit (they only last a couple of years anyway) and keep my eyes open for special offers and sales.

    Breasts do evolve as we mature and they may need support in different places to what used to work. As mine seem to head closer to my waist I reflect that I am blessed that I still have them, many women are not so fortunate.

  • That is so true!

  • great post this, but thought id hijack the post, hope you dont mind, and ask if any of you lovely ladies are losing one side more then the other?? one cup is now noticeably less full than the other ! Help lol

  • Yes. I have recently noticed the uneven filling of the bra cups when I first put it on in the morning. However later in the day that isn't so noticeable. Don't know what's going on there.

  • I also do the first hooks after years of doing them on the last it's a great feeling well done to you

  • Ha ha. A new style in hats -could become the fashion😊

    Well done on the obvious weight loss x

  • Thanks everyone.

  • Well done you. I know how you feel. I am new on here. I gave up all sugar and milk and bread. I have lost 5lbs in two weeks and I can actually wear my bra now, and get my wedding ring on my finger. I had a severe illness last year and spent 11 months in bed, so I am unable to walk much. It was the steroids that put a lot of weight on, now I am off them I will have no excuse. If and when I lose all the excess weight I worry that none of my clothes size16/18 will not fit. Perhaps a good excuse for a shopping spree. Good luck to you all, and it is so lovely reading all your stories, it certainly keeps me motivated.

  • Well done for losing 5lbs. That is fab.

  • Thanks

  • If you have any bras that you no longer need, Oxfam has been collecting them.

  • Really. When I get rid of them I'll look into that.

  • Just try one and see what you like! I've got lots of clothes I can't fit into. It's a bugger.


  • Beaux avenue are brilliant for bras. Wouldn't sell one to my mum cos they could not get a good fit. I've bought a few in 32f. Mum 30gg or bigger. Really helpful staff

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