New Member of the 10% (lost) Club!

So last week was a little slow and disappointing, I lost 1.5 lb, ok I know it wasn't bad but I'd had a bad stomach bug for a couple of days and barely ate so I was a bit disappointed. I was also too knackered to walk much so that didn't help.

So this week I challenged myself to lose 3.5lb to get me to 22 stone and that all important 10% total loss (I hear there are some good health benefits to this).

And I am pleased to say I managed 4lb - to be honest I probably ate a little too little (on 2 days) but also did a great 10km walk on Saturday which helped. I will be back to my usual regime next week and hoping for another 2lb (my general average at present). I have a cold (one thing after another) but have managed a decent walk most nights. Hoping for 6km tomorrow.

So I have now lost 35.5lb and hit 3 targets this week:

10% total (fat) loss - woohoo!

Another 1/2 stone off.

And that all important new number on the scales - I am now 21stone 13.5lb. Anyone else wish to join me in the race to under 20 stone - say 19st 13 3/4lb??

Now only 2.5lbs to my next major target of 20% of my total desired weight loss.

Hope there are a few more losers out there ;)


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19 Replies

  • Well done on reaching 3 goals this week thats great! Keep up the great work. Hope you feel better soon, good for you keeping active still though

  • Thanks :)

  • Jacs01 - really well done you.

  • Hi Sueper,

    Wow, you're making excellent progress, that's really inspiring to hear you've achieved so many goals. You're getting close to your next major target of 20% off your total desired weight loss - wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • Brilliant achievement Sueper, you have battled through your illnesses to reach these important targets. Your journey is so encouraging for me and others. Even though you have had a couple of viruses recently which has pulled you down you are doing so well to be walking so much. I had to get down to 19 stone before I felt able to start any exercise last year.

    Keep on with your new healthy eating plan and I know you will achieve your new aims. One more you could add, which you will soon reach, is getting under 300lbs.

    Ros xx

  • Thanks Ros :) I seem to have been stuck in a cycle of viruses this year but it isn't stopping me.

    300lb is a target and getting close now. I've also just added 50lb loss too - I can't imagine having lost 50lb but that is only 14.5lb away - crazy! Cannot believe I've got this far with relative ease.

  • I add in kilos lost targets as well, all the more target achieved as far as I'm concerned .lol

  • Oh yes, kilos is a good idea but they are very big lol.

    I do like to think of weight loss in bags of sugar (1kg) which means I have lost nearly 16 bags of sugar!

    I am seriously considering buying the same weight of sugar as I lose (eventually) and taking a photo with it :) I will then donate it somewhere.

  • Great idea!

  • That's fantastic, well done you.

  • Thanks :)

  • You are doing brilliant and you must be so proud of your achievements so far. I am really pleased for you, well done. You not only can do it, you are doing it :-) :-) x

  • Thanks Trafford that means a lot :)

  • Well done sueper, you're amazing!

  • Thanks :)

  • Thats amazing well done you - if i was wearing a hat id take it off to you ;)

  • Love the idea of lots of different targets, can we make a list? I'm sure it would be a good motivator, certainly for me and I haven't started yet!

  • Hi Jan, I have lots of targets in a document where I record my weight. I have weight targets and % losses, thinking of adding dress size drops too. The more they merrier :) I put the date next to each one when I achieve it. I also have general targets of the next half stone.

    Good luck.

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