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delayed start of week 3 post

So the progress so far:-

week 1 start 87kg and 95cm waist

week 2 start 84.2kg and 88cm waist

week 3 start 82.7kg and 85cm waist

Good progress and I am very happy. It is tough some times but I have to work hard to stay positive but I can see the results and that is good!

I am sticking to the cal count, and eating healthly but also having what I fancy now and again - once I have thought about the impact that will have on the over all cal count for the day so I am not "missing out". For example last night really wanted chocolate so had some but didnt have a glass of wine that I was thinking about = still in the cal count :)

Am loving the my fitness pal app - making counting and cooking soooooo much easier, and now have a number of the usual meals on there to add as I need too. Also think I am begining to change habits - having smaller more appopriate portion sizes and cutting out the snacking.

Night out tonight and trying not to stress about the cal count. Know it will be over so going to be super good during the day to ensure I have a really good night. Then back to it tomorrow. You only have one life and I want to live it, that includes having a good time when I go out (not very often at all!) and living healthy for the most part.

Have started to increase excercise also - hard but getting there and startting to enjoy!

Stay strong all xx

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Hi Almost40,

I enjoyed reading your post, and Congratulations on your progress to date, you're doing really well. It's great that you're enjoying living life, and making healthy choices as part of that. Great that you're increasing your exercise and that you're starting to enjoy it - that's the main thing!

I hope you enjoy your evening tonight!

Have a great weekend and a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Well done you!


That is excellent . It sounds as if you have a super attitude.


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