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Very demotivated

Hi all I have put a pound on this week but it was my birthday so trying to blame that but to be honest I'm fed up I'm swollen all. The time I can weigh less before bed than when I wake up I'm heavier is it not supposed to be the other way round . I have health issues that are causing this I think under active thyroid fibromyalgia ect now let me tell you the positive side I do 10.000 steps every day drink my water and gym 3 times a week so as you can see it's not that I'm sat doing nothing . I have a appointment at doc today . Hopefully some thing will enlighten me . I'm just very disappointed I have done this for 3 weeks and I'm a pound heavier x

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Hello. Stick with it. See what the doc says...if it's fluid tetention then it will work.


Great you found a positive side keep that in mind and be kind to yourself. See what the Dr says and then plan your next steps. There is a way that will suit you, dont worry if it takes a few goes to get the balance right you will get there in the end!


Hi Bobbibobbins1,

I hope you enjoyed your Birthday. I like your name, it sounds really positive, and hopefully you'll be feeling better and more positive as time goes on. I know you put a pound on this week, but it was your Birthday, and those times can be challenging for losing anything. Try not to be disheartened by it.

Hopefully your appointment with your doctor will be helpful and he/she can offer you some useful help and support.

You're doing lots of exercise, and well done for doing that. I hope you're enjoying it.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Hold on. You have only been at it for 3 weeks, its a life changing event. You have probably started alot more exercise and do not realize muscle weighs more than fat. Water retention could also be playing a part in your "weight gain". Do no get discouraged by it. You are getting fitter first, the fat bit will start to fall off. New moto for you, I need to be fit and unfat than fat and unfit. You are improving both sides. Keep up the good work and the benefits will come.

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Hi, you are making lots of positive changes so I am sure they will pay off in time. I know it is hard to be patient but you must try. Definitely worth getting a health check to be sure.

My hubby is always more heavy in the mornings so always weighs in the evening, not sure why but I guess we are all different.

Good luck :)


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